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SpecialtyCare is a people company, dedicated to providing an exceptional patient experience, becoming the OR employer of choice, and leading the way in OR innovation


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About SpecialtyCare

SpecialtyCare is the market leader in perfusion and intraoperative neuromonitoring, and the industry’s choice for autotransfusion, sterile processing consulting, surgical assist, and minimally invasive surgical support. Doctors and hospitals should always have the best possible means to ensure the most positive patient outcomes, while simultaneously maintaining their own financial health and success.

To help our customers achieve this, we are committed to delivering exceptional care outcomes, patient safety, and financial results in more than 1,100 hospitals and health systems, supporting 13,500 physicians during 400,000+ procedures annually.

With over 1,700 clinicians providing the highest possible quality care, we have a national presence that gives our medical team access to extensive, unmatched clinical data for conducting research to identify trends, determine benchmarks, create new and better practices, and innovation that advances patient care.

SpecialtyCare holds a Health Care Staffing Certification and an Ambulatory Health Care Accreditation from The Joint Commission and we have our own university, which includes a fully equipped operating room for training our clinicians. We develop expertise beyond required certifications so that your surgical team can be certain they have the best partner for clinical excellence.

Our Mission

To impact positively the lives of more patients and practitioners by providing evidence-based, data-driven care that decreases both complications and costs.

Our Vision

To deliver superior health care that improves patient outcomes, exceeds surgeon expectations, and inspires our staff.

Our Values

We know that it’s not enough for an organization to simply state its values. We are defined by our values and we strive to live them, every day.

INTEGRITY: Honor our commitments.

We will always do the right thing for our patients, surgeons, and associates. We honor the trust they have placed in us and are accountable for our actions.


CARE: Value others with our actions.

We are passionate about creating an environment that supports our teams in making a difference in healthcare. We invest in our collective success, both personally and professionally.


TEAMWORK: Work together to make us better.

We can always accomplish more together than separately and should look for every opportunity to collaborate with our customers and colleagues.


IMPROVEMENT: Use all of our experience as a learning opportunity.

Constant vigilance drives continuous improvement with each case, each surgeon interaction, and each business relationship. We don’t ask for excellence, we simply strive for it. Learning from past experience helps us improve a little bit every day.

A Message From Our CEO

The pressure to deliver evidence-based and metric-driven healthcare has never been greater. Value-based performance is a central focus for hospitals, and SpecialtyCare’s mission is to support surgeons and medical centers with highly skilled people, equipment, and data that increase consistency and reliability, driving improved clinical outcomes and reduced costs. With nearly 2,000 associates, we are focused on patient care as well as surgeon satisfaction, supporting the goal of growing hospital procedural volume. Our commitment to full compliance with federal regulations ensures that our customers and surgeons avoid risk around the Stark Law, anti-kickback violations, and false claims. And, with 9 out of 10 customers telling us that our partnership positively impacts their care quality and that we are an integral part of their team, we are proud to have a customer satisfaction rating that puts us among the elite brands in healthcare.

With the experience that comes from supporting over 400,000 procedures across the U.S. each year, our team provides unmatched clinical expertise. Trusted partnerships with more than 1,100 hospitals nationwide have made us the market leader in cardiovascular perfusion, ECMO, intraoperative neuromonitoring, deep brain stimulation, and patient blood management, and a respected provider of surgical assist, autotransfusion, minimally invasive OR technicians, and sterile processing consulting. As the largest provider of the equipment that our specialties utilize, we offer highly competitive, value-based purchasing and pricing on equipment and disposables—and our dedicated biomed team maintains our equipment, saving hospitals over $30,000 each year for every operating room that we service. SCOPE, the SpecialtyCare Operative Procedural Registry®, is the largest allied health database in the United States. Our medical office team and statisticians mine these data, enabling us to uniquely provide clinical benchmarks that highlight performance opportunities to drive continual improvement in both medical and economic outcomes.

Contact us and discover how your hospital can benefit from a partnership with SpecialtyCare, the leader in outsourced clinical services for operating rooms.

–Sam Weinstein, MD, MBA, Chief Executive Officer