Our priority is our people.

Our people are awesome. Whether fresh out of college or veterans in the industry, we hire incredible, passionate people who want to make a difference in healthcare.


SpecialtyCare Is Your Trusted Partner

At SpecialtyCare, we never lose sight that our top priority is to the people that trust us to care for them – our patients and their families. We challenge the status quo and thrive in pursuing opportunities to advance what’s possible in the operating room. We want our customers to feel at ease, confident, and certain about our capabilities. We want to connect with them as members of the same team, working toward the same common goals. We are physicians, perfusionists, neurophysiologists, and clinical specialists. We are trainers, recruiters, analysts, and scheduling assistants. We all have family and friends, and we want them to receive the best possible care when they need it. We want that for our patients as well. We are 1,800 strong. We are SpecialtyCare.

SpecialtyCare Associates

Our people are awesome. Whether fresh out of college or veterans in the industry, we hire incredible, passionate people who want to make a difference in healthcare. People who put the patient first, always. People who strive for excellence and take full advantage of our training programs to improve their techniques. And people who add not only expertise to our partner OR teams, but a friendly, reliable face. We believe these attributes define us and our approach to our patients and customers. These qualities help us position our customers for success in the short and long term.

Dedicated Clinicians

We would not be an industry leader without talented, dedicated clinicians. We hire passionate, driven people and then we encourage and support their professional growth. Our training programs through SpecialtyCare University are second-to-none, and features lectures, webinars, and hands-on OR experience in a fully-equipped simulation room. Guided by SpecialtyCare leaders, our clinicians are able to practice high-stress, possible emergency situations so they are fully prepared when the time comes.

Partners for Life

When we hire clinicians, our intent is to keep them, and the same holds true for our clients. We are a trusted partner for life because we care. We care about the patients, their families, and everyone else who is affected by their hospital stay and recovery. We care about the surgeons and know exactly what they need in an OR team. We care about innovation and continuous improvement. We care about achieving the best patient outcomes while creating an efficient, well-organized OR.

Listen to Checking the Vitals

In this podcast we dive deep into the healthcare space, from the people that dedicate their lives to patient care to the companies improving patient outcomes through innovation. From well-respected surgeons and thought leaders to those on the front lines of healthcare, we’ll bring you conversations with those making a difference both in the OR and beyond. Through in-depth interviews with nurses, sterile processing technicians, clinical managers, and even healthcare technology companies and startups, we’ll discuss what’s on the horizon in the industry in regards to careers, technology, and innovation.


Patients Come First

Patient-centered care means everything we do, every associate of SpecialtyCare, is focused on the best overall patient outcomes. From the clinicians in the OR to human resources to accounting, our entire staff is dedicated to patient care.

Advocates for Excellence

We place a tremendous value on data and research because this drives excellence and continuous improvement. Clinical data is collected from every procedure and fed to SpecialtyCare Operative Procedural Registry, SCOPE™, the largest national multi-institutional database of its kind. This rich data helps our medical department provide recommendations that are evidence-based. And OptimizeOR is a data-driven Software as a Service (SaaS) application that enables perioperative leaders to optimize their staff and OR utilization. In addition, OptimizeOR helps standardize supplies and implant use across surgeons, driving increased surgical volume and improved patient satisfaction.

And, our competence and compassion extend far beyond the bounds of our customer base. We proudly support and encourage our associates to contribute their time and expertise to patients and medical teams in underserved areas across the globe.

What SpecialtyCare Associates Are Saying

“Puts the patients first.”

“Stands by core values.”

“Collecting and analyzing data to offer our clients the best in evidence-based medicine.”

“The new initiatives and bringing on highly regarded perfusionists is absolutely phenomenal.”

“The focus on quality is what sets us apart.”

“I think engaging in employee feedback and utilizing the database to make changes that benefit patient outcomes is a huge plus of the organization.”

“Strong emphasis on clinical quality and excellence.”

“It continues to grow and set the standards for the industry and I hope we continue this growth and show our competitors how much better we truly are.”