Author: John Lovelace

John Lovelace is Senior Vice President of Business Development at SpecialtyCare. He has over 25 years of experience in sales and sales leadership with 16 years dedicated to healthcare. John previously served as vice president of business development for RehabCare Group, the largest contract provider of therapy service in the U.S. He began his career in pharmaceutical sales and has additional experience in durable medical equipment and international markets. John has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Auburn University. John can be reached at [email protected].

It Doesn’t Make Sense for Me to Replace My Own Roof

Part 2 in our series on OR Efficiency.

There’s good reason why I don’t roof my own house or fly my own plane. I rely on others for their specialized skills, experience, and economies of scale—knowledgeable people focused on specific activities that ensure quality and safety, keep costs in check, and know the codes and regulations that must be followed. Today, more than ever, we rely on specialization to get things done. Healthcare is no different. In fact, healthcare may be one of our best examples of an industry that can benefit significantly from specialized teams.