Author: Susan Byrd

Susan Byrd, MHRD, SpecialtyCare’s Senior Vice President of People, is responsible for HR strategies and initiatives, the credentialing program, and SpecialtyCare University. She has extensive experience designing staffing models, assessing human capital capacity, and developing strategies for growth, change, and company culture. Most recently, Susan served as the Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Change Healthcare for 11 years. She holds certification as a Senior Human Resources Professional and co-authored "HR Leadership Strategies: Leading HR Executives on Aligning with Organizational Goals, Developing Employee Talent, and Addressing Changing Workforce Dynamics.” Susan has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Arkansas State University and earned a master’s degree in Human Resources Development from Clemson University.

Women in STEM Education: Developing Future Healthcare Leaders

Women in STEM education

We hear a lot these days about STEM education—an interdisciplinary, applied approach to teaching science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The rise of women in STEM careers is notable, too. So, as Women’s History Month draws to a close, we decided to look to the future being built right now by some of the women at SpecialtyCare who pursued careers in science and are responsible for our clinical education and training programs today. Each has had a unique journey that includes education, choices, gumption, and surprises. They actively honed their interests and cultivated their talents to reach their current roles, and they continue to apply their strengths toward additional growth for themselves and others—men and women alike.

Replenishing Reserves: Engaging the Passionate Healthcare Professional

Engaging the Passionate Healthcare Professional

Building a highly talented clinical workforce is imperative for providing the best possible patient outcomes. We know, however, that the most passionate and effective healthcare professionals offer much more than clinical competence and they look for value in their work that extends beyond excellence in clinical care. They look for the intangibles and meaningful connections that prompted them to choose healthcare as a profession in the first place. Our goal is to sustain a culture where our people can thrive and find satisfaction, both personally and professionally.