Celebrating Behind-the-Scenes Contributions to Patient Care and Safety

Stephanie McCoy, BBA, CPCS
Director, Credentialing and Accreditation
November 10, 2016

McCoy Photo headshot square 230px - CopyIt’s been said that “Everyone has a special talent, some are just flashier than others.” And so it is in healthcare. Behind every high-visibility physician and hands-on surgical team, there is a large group of people in back offices providing invaluable support. Everyone plays an important role—from human resources and training to accounting and scheduling. But today, as part of National Medical Staff Services Awareness Week, we proudly recognize our credentialing team at SpecialtyCare, and indeed in healthcare settings everywhere, for their contributions to quality patient care and safety.

Our medical staff professionals possess specific knowledge and proficiencies that enable them to maintain credentialing, re-credentialing, and privileging for our clinical staff. With approximately 1,500 physicians and clinicians representing multiple service lines in more than 1,200 hospitals and 44 states, our credentialing team has the added responsibility of ensuring that our people meet varied requirements across multiple facilities and geographic areas.

The credentialing team monitors compliance, on-boards new hires, assists with vendor account set up, prepares medical staff and allied health applications, and responds to hospital audit inquiries. The team works with our vendor accounts (Reptrax, Vendormate, Symplr/VCS, and Parallon) and FirstLab, our health screening referral service. This year, the team played a critical role in achieving recertification by The Joint Commission in HealthCare Staffing Services as well as accreditation in Surgical Ambulatory Healthcare. The Joint Commission has been a terrific ally in our quest to continually raise the bar and, after all of the hard work and stringent reviews, it was gratifying to have the auditor refer to us as a “superstar.”

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Many members of our team hold the Certified Provider Credentialing Specialist designation and are eligible for the Certified Professional Medical Services Management certification, which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to compliance, quality, and continuous improvement. Using the ever-evolving accrediting standards that define competency in medical and allied health staff, our credentialing team helps ensure that our clinical associates are positioned to deliver the medical outcomes that drive success in value-based healthcare.

SpecialtyCare Clinical ServicesWe enjoy our working relationships and extend a special thank you to our partners in hospital medical staff offices, central verification organizations, human resources, and other departments responsible for credentialing. We recognize the work and time you put into ensuring our clinical associates and physicians are cleared to provide patient care at our customer facilities. Together we make patient safety a priority through our due diligence in verifying provider licensures, boards, education, training, and competency.

Overseeing this aspect of healthcare delivery might not be flashy, but it’s vitally important, and we appreciate our dedicated team, and medical staff professionals across the industry, who work tirelessly every day in the interest of patients everywhere.