CIM: A Recurring Short-term Staffing Problem Equals a Long-Term Problem

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused overwhelming challenges in providing patient care and resulted in significant staffing shortages. However, the short-term staffing problem posed a concern before the pandemic started. Many hospitals work with a staffing agency, but these engagements typically only last 13 weeks. As a result, hospitals have to re-sign per diems, which can be costly and requires constantly hiring new staff.

Working with a provider who can provide a long-term solution to the short-term staffing problem will help combat ongoing challenges and provide the best possible patient care. 

Medical Staffing Agencies 

Medical staffing agencies utilize an extensive network to connect employers with the best employees, filling vacancies in various healthcare settings. They build relationships with healthcare providers through this network by getting to know their staff. This enables them to understand their pain points, allowing them to solve problems and help them develop a different working atmosphere. 

Staffing agencies understand both sides of the coin and what each requires. This allows them to find the right match to solve problems that benefit healthcare providers and professionals. Once staffing needs are addressed, the agencies must maintain those relationships to ensure that everyone’s needs are met. 

Short-Term Staffing in Healthcare

Staffing is the most significant expense for many hospitals, and healthcare job openings are at an all-time high right now. Hospitals need to maintain sufficient staff to provide adequate patient care with the ongoing pandemic. 

Staffing shortages affect smaller, rural hospitals more because they can’t keep up with the growing competition. The shortage of hospital workers has posed long-term recruiting and retention issues and driven up wages. This trend will only continue, leading to a further decline in profit margin, hindering operations and the increased demand for patient care.  

The Benefits of CIM 

Working with staffing agencies prevents continuity in quality. Partnering with SpecialtyCare offers a long-term solution to the recurring staffing problem by providing long-term staff, consulting, interim management, and instrument management. Our services fill an immediate gap and work to identify the root of the problem to provide a sustainable solution.

SpecialtyCare saves you the investment cost to hire, train, equip, and manage a unique team of technicians. We focus on strategic planning and workflow management to guarantee readiness and avoid downtime. 

Through strategic planning and best practices, we streamline processes to reduce downtime, provide metrics for continuous improvement, and assist with staff education and training-all to ensure that your OR runs as smoothly as possible.

About SpecialtyCare

SpecialtyCare is dedicated to providing an exceptional patient experience, becoming the OR employer of choice, and leading the way in OR innovation.