Day in the Life: ATS Edition with Kimberly Sharp

We greatly appreciate and value all of our SpecialtyCare ATS employees. We’re highlighting one of our Area Managers, Kimberly Sharp, whose work upholds our mission and vision. She discusses what led her to healthcare and what a typical day in her role looks like while sharing valuable advice and memorable moments from her career.  

How long have you been an Autotransfusion Clinical Technician?  

I’ve been a Clinical Tech for the past 18 years with Dallas/Ft Worth Texas. I was assigned with the Houston Team during 2021, too. I went from being a Clinical Manager to an Area Manager.

What led you to become interested in ATS and can you describe the path you took? 

I went to school with the intent of pursuing a dental career until a relative that worked with Fresenius (previous owner of SpecialtyCare) as the Regional VP over surgical services told me about this service line, and I was hooked from day one. Unfortunately, DFW and Houston are not providing MIS currently.

What are the benefits of a career in ATS?  

The primary benefit has been the chance to work with so many different people and have the opportunity to work in surgery while seeing many different types of procedures and surgical techniques. This is the perfect starting point for anyone who’s interested in Perfusion, and it has been my goal since I learned about the field. 

What is a day in the life of ​an Autotransfusion Technician typically like?  

It truly depends on the type of procedure. Vascular cases tend to be more stressful due to high blood loss and high-risk patients. Orthopedic cases tend to be more laid back, and the staff is more engaging with clinical techs. Unpredictable is a common term for our daily routine.  

What communication advice would you give when it comes to working successfully in a team dynamic?  

​Teamwork — if there’s one person on the team that doesn’t step up, it affects the entire team. Having a manager that would never ask another team member to do something that they wouldn’t do makes a big difference. Our team is made of firm believers in the saying, “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.”

What was a surprise to you about the career when you first started?  

The biggest surprise was the different types of procedures and the ​number of hospitals we covered with such a small team.​

What has been a memorable moment or story you’d like to share from your career? 

I’d have to say, it’s been amazing to see so many new techs grow into amazing ones. The drive that some of them have has been an inspiration to me and many other techs. It’s crazy how a simple case can quickly turn into a nightmare one, but seeing how the entire team responds and works together to ensure the best outcome for the patient is extremely gratifying. 

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