Day in the Life: ATS Edition with Yessenia Avila-Newberry

We greatly appreciate and value all of our SpecialtyCare ATS employees. We’re highlighting Yessenia Avila-Newberry, Clin, ATS 1, whose work upholds our mission and vision. She discusses what led her to healthcare and what a typical day in her role looks like while sharing valuable advice and memorable moments from her career.  

How long have you been involved with ATS and which team are you currently on?

I’ve been a Clinical Technician (Cell Saver) for little over a year with the Little Rock, AR team.

What led you to become interested in ATS?

I’ve always had a passion to strive in healthcare. I was currently enrolled in school to become an RN when I discovered the Cell Saver Technician career. I did more research and took learning paths to get my foot in the door, and I landed a position at the Little Rock, AR Team.

What are the benefits of a career in ATS?

There are so many great benefits that come with this fantastic career. Just having the opportunity to be in the OR and be a part of a team that helps save a patient’s life is an unbelievable experience.

What is a day in the life like for you at work?

My day-to-day in ATS is quite different each day. Some days are easy, slow orthopedic cases, and some days are full-on throttle with more intense vascular cases. It’s never a dull moment at Baptist Health.

What communication advice would you give when it comes to working successfully in a team dynamic?

Just having open and honest communication with your team is extremely important. You will strive better as a whole than being individual. I absolutely love my team and our success.

What was a surprise to you about the career when you first started?

The biggest surprise working in the OR has been seeing different procedures and watching these surgeons save lives. With my first trauma experience, I realized how critical my role in ATS was and how important we are in saving a patient’s life.

What has been a memorable moment or story you’d like to share from your career?

A few weeks ago, I was called in for a AAA repair. It was my first trauma case, and I walked in not knowing what to expect. This procedure is known for its failure rates verse the success rate. Being part of that success rate and being part of this incredible team that worked together to change this patient’s life was so rewarding. I’ve learned a lot from this case and how critical our role is with ATS.


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