Four Reasons to be a Neurophysiologist in Lexington

For you neurophysiologists reading this who are thinking about a locale change and favor a medium-sized city, then look no further. SpecialtyCare is currently hiring IONM specialists in Lexington, Kentucky. Known as the Horse Capital of the World and for its beautiful green scenery, Lexington was ranked in the top 35 most educated cities in the country last year by WalletHub, and it may well be your ideal future hometown. Let’s take a glance at the top reasons this southern city is so appealing to its current locals.


1) It’s Really Affordable 

Time and again, Lexington makes the list of numerous publications for its low cost of living. Money Magazine recently ranked it 8th on their “Best Big City to Live In” list. It was also ranked in the top 5 by SmartAsset for “Cities Where Renters Can Afford to Live Alone,” citing a 1 bedroom apartment for $608 per month. Overall costs are about the same as the national average, but that’s overall great news for a larger city like Lexington. The city also ranked high in another recent study. As a matter of fact, it ranked #1 in this one. Again according to SmartAsset, Lexington is the most affordable city in America for early retirement, thanks to the low cost of living, low healthcare costs and low crime rate.

2) Great Weather

Lexington is still considered the south. It is Kentucky after all. But the good news is the city is in the northernmost part of the south, putting it in a fantastic comfort zone of milder temperatures for most of the year. Average annual day temperatures are between 66 to 86 degrees for 7 months out of the year. It can get chilly during the winter months, but the average snowfall is 10 inches a year, which is still well below the national average of 28 inches. A benefit of the scenery is experiencing all four seasons.

3) Wildcats

We couldn’t possibly talk about Lexington without mentioning the Kentucky Wildcats. The hugely popular college basketball team has remained a favorite for years, with fans traveling far and wide to support the boys in blue. The Wildcats are the leaders or close to the top in almost every major category of college team success, including wins, championships, Final Four appearances, NCAA Tournaments and fan attendance. If you aren’t a basketball fan, then enjoy all the local bar specials during the game days.

4) Day Trips

Louisville and Cincinnati are both 1.5 hours away, and Indianapolis is only 3 hours away. This puts you within driving distance of the Kentucky Derby, the Indianapolis Colts, fantastic music venues, American cuisine, theme parks, and more. Just think of the day trip or weekend possibilities. It comes in handy when you’re itching for a scenery change.



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