Four Reasons to be a Neurophysiologist in New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana. Everyone’s familiar with The Big Easy in some way or another, whether it be through movies and television or visiting for major celebrations like Mardi Gras. SpecialtyCare is currently looking for an IONM specialist to fill their surgical neurophysiologist position there. You should definitely read on if you have experience in the IONM field and are thinking of a life change. Let’s take a look at the top reasons why New Orleans might be a perfect fit.

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1) Annual Events

 New Orleans is all about putting on that big party, especially because the city is in a warm climate with 8 months of comfy temperatures out of the year (between 64 and 85 degrees for day temps). Mardi Gras, aka Fat Tuesday, is at the top of the list with a two-week celebration before and on Shrove Tuesday, with a major parade each day and masquerade balls abound. If crowds of thousands drinking and partying just isn’t your thing, check out Soul Fest in early March, a giant celebration of African American history and culture. Another popular event is the Jazz and Heritage Festival, featuring thousands of musicians, cooks, and craftspeople.

2) All That Jazz

Speaking of jazz, you won’t find a bigger jazz haven on earth than New Orleans. The city is loaded with live music and a deep-rooted history in the genre. There’s a venue for every night of the week, and you’d expect nothing less from the town that produced greats like Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, Buddy Bolden, and King Oliver. Hit a club on Bourbon Street or any of the dozens of other classic spots. It’s one of the few places in the country where you can find live traditional jazz often.

3) Museums

If you’re a history buff, you’ll definitely be moving to the right place. New Orleans is home to the National World War II Museum, which tells the story of the American experience in the war that changed the world. It’s also home to the Memorial Hall Museum, featuring historic artifacts from the Civil War. There’s also the New Orleans Museum of Art with 40,000 objects from the Italian Renaissance to now. The city has over a dozen other museums including the popular Pharmacy Museum.

4) Food

We just couldn’t sign off without mentioning the authentic foods New Orleans has to offer. Your options are endless to taste the city’s world-class gumbo, which locals would argue is practically its own food group. Coming in second after gumbo would be their po-boys, whether it be hot roast beef dripping in gravy or the more popular fried seafood options. As far as cafés go, your first stop should be Café Du Monde, the iconic local spot that began in 1862 and now has multiple locations across the city.



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