Four Reasons to be a Neurophysiologist in Seattle

For you IONM specialists reading this, we have great news. SpecialtyCare is hiring for a surgical neurophysiologist in Seattle. Just about everyone in America has fantasized about living there, whether it be through their own experiences visiting or through pop culture hits like “10 Things I Hate About You” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” Either way, the Washington state city is a force to be reckoned with. Let’s take a look at the top reasons why you should consider moving there.


1) Beautiful Waters

You probably already knew this, but Seattle is surrounded by two large bodies of water (Puget Sound and Lake Washington). As a matter of fact, these waters comprise 41% of the total area of the city. You know what this means. Beaches, sailing, paddle boating, water skiing, ferry rides, cruises, and boat tours. Sure, it can rain a lot overall in Seattle, but this makes way for wonderful low-humidity summers with average highs in the comfy 70s for four months straight. And think of all the waterfront strolls you can take on your bike or on foot with your dog.

2) The Nerd Life

If you’re all about that nerd way of living, you’ll be happy to learn Seattle was recently ranked in the top 5 for nerdiest cities in America by Movoto. How was this determined? By tallying up the number of comic book/video game stores, conventions, computer stores, bookstores and science museums per capita. Luckily, Seattle is home to all kinds of nerdy goodness like the Museum of Pop Culture, which most recently hosted the Marvel Expo, and annual events such as Sakura-Con and PAX West (gaming expo). Not to mention there are numerous gamer bars.

3) Coffee Capital of the U.S.

Okay, so everybody already knows Starbucks was originally founded in Seattle. But what you may not know is Seattle really is the coffee capital of the country. The city has more coffee shops per capita than any other in the United States. From Chic style La Marzocco Café with coffee from around the world to the family-owned Moore Coffee Shop with its latte art to cold brew on tap at Analog Coffee, even the biggest coffee aficionado on Earth would be happy.

4) All the Sports

Covering three of the major American sports, Seattle is also a great place to live for sports fans. Enjoy the retractable roof baseball park for the Mariners, or head on over to monstrous CenturyLink Field to check out the Seahawks (winner of three NFC championships and one Super Bowl in the last 15 years).  The city even has a Major League Soccer team, the Sounders, who won the MLS Cup in 2016 on top of four wins at the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup.