IONM Careers, West Palm Beach

It doesn’t get much better than West Palm Beach, Florida. Luckily for all you IONM specialists reading this right now, SpecialtyCare is currently hiring for a surgical neurophysiologist in the area. If you have previous IONM experience and are thinking about a move, keep reading as we look at the top reasons why West Palm Beach is appealing to such a wide range of people.

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1) Warm Climate & Outdoor Living

We’ll get to the exquisite beach life in a second, but first we have to talk about these glorious temperatures. Average annual temps in West Palm Beach stay in that magically comfortable range between 75 and 85 degrees 7 months out of the year, with 234 sunny days to boot. And even when it can get a little steamy in the summer, West Palm is surrounded by water (Lake Mangonia and Clear Lake on one side, the Atlantic Ocean on the other), which means nice breezes cutting through the heat. Now, let’s explore the next best part of living in a beach city…

2) So Much Beach

With over 47 miles of white sand beaches and gorgeous Atlantic coastlines, it’s no wonder thousands of people move to the area every year. There are 26 public beach parks in Palm Beach County (admission is free), and free parking usually isn’t hard to find. Check out the limestone at Blowing Rocks Preserve, or grab some tasty treats at Lake Worth Beach. Or take the family for a lagoon-side lunch at Dubois Park, with water events every week like snorkeling field trips and wading tours. And don’t forget all the boating and waterskiing your heart desires.

3) Golf Courses

I think the word is out with golf and West Palm Beach (even the President plays there monthly), but just in case you haven’t looked into it yet, the city is a beautiful golf oasis all year round. Known as the golf capital of Florida thanks to its course designs by some of the greatest architects of the sport, West Palm is home to the PGA Honda Classic and a whopping 160 world class golf courses. Want to plan a golf trip with friends? Now they can come to you and enjoy some of the finest luxury resorts the U.S. has to offer. And you yourself can play every day.

4) Close to Miami and Orlando

Feel like a change of scenery? Why not head down the coast to Miami just over an hour away. Hit the nightlife, explore the Cuban cuisine or hit a ballgame with the Heat, Marlins, or the Dolphins. You’d also only be 2.5 hours away from Orlando. This means Disney, Islands of Adventure, Universal, Hogwarts, Legoland, Epcot, SeaWorld, and the list goes on and on. And if you can’t get your NBA fix from the Miami Heat, maybe the Orlando Magic can do it for you.