Harvard ManageMentor

SpecialtyCare has partnered with Harvard Business School to launch the ManageMentor program, the most trusted on-demand leadership development resource. Harvard ManageMentor covers 42 essential business topics ranging from developing employees to stress management, delivering critical management skills when and where you need them. Resources include concise lessons, videos, worksheets, checklists, self-assessments, Editor’s Choice articles, skill-development, action planning, and other valuable tools for fast and practical learning. Below are just a few of the many valuable programs SpecialtyCare associates now have access to.

Career Management 

When it comes to your career, you’re in charge. ManageMentor’s Career Management keeps you on a successful career track. This program will provide examples to study, helpful tips, practice questions, and reflection questions to maximize your career potential. Career Management will help you identify your core interests, values, and skills and help you build and grow your personal and professional network. You can also utilize this program to work with your direct reports to clarify their career paths and maintain a positive mindset during a career setback. 


Delegating is a critical component of being a manager, and it’s more than offloading tasks that you don’t have the bandwidth to complete. If done effectively, delegation helps teams work more efficiently, helps employees develop their skills, reduces stress, and prevents managerial burnout. A key component of delegation is finding the right person to complete the tasks. The ManageMentor’s Delegating will help you find the best approaches and methods for delegating tasks to your team. Additionally, you’ll find ways to support, monitor, and track the assignments you delegate.  

Leading People 

Leadership is an incredibly valuable skill to have. When you step into a leadership role, it’s essential to define your values and vision and deepen your self-management skills. Then, you can create the conditions for others to succeed. ManageMentor’s Leading People will help deepen your understanding of an effective leader and identify what you value and what you’re trying to achieve. This program will help you accomplish results by building emotional intelligence and cultivating positive relationships. It will also help you learn how to build mutual trust, resolve broken trust, create an inclusive environment for everyone to grow and succeed in their role, and help your team connect and collaborate, physically and virtually. 

Presentation Skills 

Presentations inspire, inform, and persuade your audience and play an integral role in your team and career. Great presentations involve crafting a clear and compelling message, designing engaging slides, and confidently delivering. ManageMentor’s Presentation Skills will help you prepare an impactful and successful presentation. This program will teach you why the content and structure of your presentation matter, how to keep a remote audience engaged, how to overcome stage fright and deliver with confidence, and how to practice and refine your presentation in a safe environment.

Team Creation 

Many people are a part of more than one team, and teamwork is critical to achieving business goals. Building a solid team takes time but can positively impact your organization’s success. Manage Mentor’s Team Creation will help you establish accountability among your team, provide tips for defining SMART goals, and offer best practices for communicating with virtual team members. The program also includes practice scenarios to help build your team’s skills and four tactics for creating a thriving team culture.  

Team Management 

As a leader, you can create immense value by knowing how to build and lead teams in ways that maximize their creativity and performance. ManageMentor’s Team Management will help you build the right team around a compelling mission and encourage them to perform at full speed to achieve common goals. This program will also boost collaboration by coaching team members to listen, empathize, and be receptive to feedback. It will also help to enhance productivity, resolve conflicts,  disagree productively, and support your team members through any transitions.  

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