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Perfusion services are in high demand as the number of cardiac surgeries increases and the uses of ECMO expand. But as a conscientious healthcare provider, you don’t want just any perfusionists in your OR. You want highly trained clinicians who can respond well to the needs at hand and interact capably with your surgical teams. You need men and women who come alongside your OR staff to make surgery safer and help improve outcomes. At SpecialtyCare, we provide you with perfusionists who are both highly trained and well-supported so that you and your patients experience the benefits.

How We Support Perfusionists and Hospitals

SpecialtyCare is the industry leader in perfusion services for a reason. In 2018, we were trusted by 350 hospitals and participated in 134,000 operations requiring perfusion. We invest in our professionals and take care to adhere to the standards of every hospital we work with. Here are a few ways we do this:

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  • We Cover Credentialing Fees. We cover annual fees for credentialing, including board certifications, licensures, and immunization. Our perfusionists are required to take Basic Life Support classes, and we handle the cost of classes as well as setting up referrals for our clinicians to undergo their training.
  • We Maintain Documentation for Our Team Members. We maintain all documentation for perfusionists and supply our partner hospitals with what they need to ensure compliance and status. This allows our perfusionists to focus on their training and providing excellent services while our credentialing department handles all the necessary paperwork. Perfusionists have yearly renewals, so this takes the risk of oversight out of the mix.
  • We Focus on Your Needs and Requirements. Our credentialing department builds and maintains relationships with hospitals to learn what they require so we can prepare new hires. We maintain each hospital’s requirements in order to make the hiring process as seamless as possible. 

“We always have everything a hospital would need,” says Karah Frank, the supervisor of our credentialing department. “We are always asking our perfusionists: ‘Whatever we can do to make your life easier, let us know.’”

You Can Trust Our Experience and Expertise

Because our considerable team of perfusionists is meeting needs at health systems around the country, SpecialtyCare is able to support 1 in 8 of all heart surgeries performed in the U.S. every year. We know what it looks like to provide superior care, and we train our perfusionists to meet our standards and coordinate well with a wide variety of surgical teams. Communication and expertise are absolutely critical in the OR environment, especially in cardiac surgeries where lives are often on the line. We know what it means to serve at the heart of the operation — to meet critical needs during both crisis and routine surgeries.

Not only do we ensure that our perfusionists have the expertise to help your OR succeed, but we have an extensive research database, SCOPE™, which allows us to collect data from thousands of different procedures every year. As clinicians enter their surgical results in SCOPE, they contribute to a wealth of collective experience that we are able to share with our entire team and partner hospitals. This allows us a window into best practices for all different kinds of procedures, especially those that are cutting-edge and new. With this data, our perfusionists have the ability to utilize a diversity of applicable knowledge beyond their own skill sets and experiences.

Learn More About SpecialtyCare’s Perfusion Services

If you would like to know more about SpecialtyCare’s perfusion services, please get in touch with our team today. We can provide consultations as well as staff placement so that your OR continues to run smoothly and provide the best possible care to your patients. We look forward to speaking with you!