IONM Openings in Raleigh, NC. Why You Should Consider a Move

If you’re a certified surgical neurophysiologist reading this right now (and there’s a decent chance you are), pay close attention. SpecialtyCare is currently hiring for an IONM specialist position in Raleigh, North Carolina. This charming southern city was just ranked #2 this year on Livability’s “100 Best Places to Live” annual list, citing high scores for the economy, housing, education, and overall health. Raleigh also gets an A+ grade for amenities from If you’re interested in a locale change, join us as we take a look at what makes Raleigh so great.

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All Four Seasons (and Short Winters)

For those of you that enjoy a change in the weather every now and again, you’re looking at the right place. Raleigh is what many of us would call a northern-southern city, putting it right in the middle of the country in terms of longitude. This makes for more comfortable temperatures for most of the year as well as shorter winters. Average annual highs are on the mild side (62 to 86 degrees) for 7 months out of the year. Even during the coldest month of January, the average high is 50 degrees. Not bad for a city with all four seasons. Raleigh also sees around 213 sunny days per year and only 4 inches of snow, well below the national average of 26 inches. And don’t forget, the ocean is only 2 hours away, with the nearest beach being Wrightsville Beach.

Awesome Museums

Raleigh is home to 3 major state museums. First, there’s the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, the largest of its kind in the southeastern United States with four different facilities. Then there’s the Museum of Natural History downtown, which is a part of the Smithsonian Institution and features the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame. Or maybe you find yourself more of an art person. The Museum of Art boasts an amazing collection than spans over 500 years of artistic pieces from antiquity to the present, including 40 galleries and the largest museum park in the country (at 164 acres). Museum buffs never grow tired in this city.

College Sports Mania

So here’s the deal. Raleigh is obsessed with NCAA basketball. This is great news if you’re a fan. North Carolina State University is their team, and their two rivals- Duke and UNC Chapel Hill- are both only a half-hour away. But this also means you could easily root for any of the teams and be there for all the home games. Chapel Hill leads the pack with 6 NCAA championships (including one in 2017) and a whopping 20 Final Four appearances. Duke holds 5 NCAA championships and North Carolina State holds 2 respectively. Pick your team and go forth.