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Listen to SpecialtyCare’s medical podcast, Scrubbing In. Scrubbing In highlights the forefront of innovation in the operating room, and will be interviewing leaders in healthcare and other related fields.

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Scrubbing In: A Podcast on OR Innovation

Scrubbing In is a medical podcast about innovation in the OR. In these discussions, we will be speaking to industry leaders and those making change in healthcare and the operating room. This medical podcast is designed to reach all of those within the medical field, specifically those in the OR, including; surgeons, nurses, perfusionists, surgical assistants, hospital management, neurophysiologists, supply chain associates, medical researchers, and all those that assist in making surgery safe and successful.



The Perfusionist Path: From School to Salary

If you’ve found your way to this article, then chances are you are at least somewhat interested in becoming a perfusionist. You may have already discovered that a simple “how-to” Google search on this subject gives you scattered results at...

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An ECMO Miracle

It was a warm Summer night in July. Courtney Novello, a clinical perfusionist (and now clinical area manager with SpecialtyCare), entered the hospital for what she thought was going to be a slow Friday evening. During her 3-11 p.m. shift,...

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