mother's day

May 11, 2017

mothers-day-imageThis weekend is Mother’s Day.

The women who nurtured us when we were young also inspired us to dream of who we could become. Many of us grew up witnessing these special women diligently pursuing excellence in scientific or health-related careers, and we chose to follow similar paths. Here are a few tributes to the mothers behind our SpecialtyCare family. We encourage you to take a few minutes to remember the women whose love and inspiration made a difference in your life.

“My family has a long line of women working in the medical field. I have aunts, my mother, and cousins who are doctors, PAs, nurses, respiratory techs, sleep study techs, and the like, and they inspired me to work in a hospital. I worked in the central inventory and processing department while still in undergrad and eventually that led me to this current position. I also earned my licensure as a practical nurse and hope someday for the opportunity to work with children.”
– Lori Anne R. Williamson, Clinical Manager, Minimally Invasive Surgical Support

“My mother was a heart transplant nurse. She belonged to a team of cardiovascular nurses and physicians that traveled the world and published papers about their groundbreaking developments in allograft vasculopathy.  My mom’s team also led the Phase 4 research for FDA approval of mycophenolate mofetil and an innovative biopatch for central lines that is now in standard use.  As an adolescent I had an innate interest in expressing creativity and problem solving, but it took my mom’s undeniable inspiration and strong example for me to realize that I could best explore those passions with a career in healthcare.”
Julie Trott, MS, CNIM, Neurophysiologist, Director, SN1 IONM Education

“My mother cleaned houses to send me to perfusion school. I don’t know if there is anything more inspiring or a greater gift to give. Her love inspired me . . . 100%.”
Gina Banks, CCP, Regional Director, Perfusion

“My mother-in-law is a hard working chemistry and physics teacher.  When she was pursuing her bachelor’s degree at the University of North Carolina, she was told by her advisor that she should find an ‘easier’ major, because chemistry would be too hard for a married, soon-to-be mother.  Instead, she decided to major in BOTH chemistry and physics, eventually earning her master’s degree in education mathematics.  Her interests continue to grow, and she has worked with the high school robotics team in recent years.  She is a huge inspiration to her students, and she always has great advice about how to get a stain out! That said, it is hard to watch Breaking Bad with her because she starts laughing and/or gasping in alarm at something Walt says he is going to do with a chemical solution before the rest of the audience gets to see what the reaction will be.”
– Kate Colson, Salesforce Administrator

“My mother is an avid gardener and an amazing cook, both of which require understanding concepts of science.  She always included me in her cooking and gardening activities, sharing with me every step of the way.  She encouraged me to understand how things work, to embrace the science all around us. Additionally, my father’s three sisters were a pharmacist, anesthesiologist, and a surgeon. Inspired by the fact that all three women did this in the 1960s when this was completely uncommon, I eventually left my career as a science teacher and headed back to college for a degree in biology so that I could pursue a healthcare career.”
– Sonia Zuzek, Director of Clinical Education

“I owe much of my success to the example that my mother set. Over the years my mother has always been involved in science and education. She has taught both students and other faculty in the classroom and in the laboratory, she has served as an academic advisor, and she has mentored students as well as successfully helped to lead efforts securing grants from the National Science Foundation. Additionally, she was recognized by the Delaware Bio board of directors as Educator of the Year in Higher Education. Having recently retired from her career as the Instructional Director & Department Chair of Biotechnology and Biological Sciences at the Delaware Technical Community College-Owens Campus, my mother leaves behind big shoes to fill. Thankfully, I am fortunate that she continues to provide me with the same daily inspiration, love, and support that she always has.  Thank you, Mom, for being you! I am beyond lucky to have such a fantastic role model.”
– Cheryl Wiggins, Vice President, IONM Education and Clinical Performance

To all the women who’ve inspired us in so many ways – THANK YOU! You nurtured us in our careers and in our lives. We honor you! Happy Mother’s Day!