Neurodiagnostic Week 2022: Celebrating SpecialtyCare’s EEG and TCD Technologists

Neurodiagnostic Week is an ASET event that honors neurodiagnostic professionals and the value they provide in healthcare. It’s with pride that we build and support the field of neurodiagnostics!

At SpecialtyCare, we build and support the field of neurodiagnostics and know that our EEG & TCD Clinicians and Technologists are the vital link between patients who need critical care and the doctors that are there to help. In this blog, we share more about the incredibly important services our EEG and TCD Technologists provide and the people who make up our teams across the country!


From newborn babies to adults, our Electroencephalogram (EEG) and Transcranial Doppler (TCD) technologists provide round-the-clock care for patients in a diverse range of settings, including the operating room, intensive care units, epilepsy monitoring units, emergency rooms, and outpatient clinics.

With skill and precision, EEG technologists apply a complex pattern of head leads that interface with computer systems to record brainwave activity and convert it to visible traces. In addition to assessing patients with chronic conditions such as epilepsy, physicians also utilize these EEG traces to help diagnosis and treat patients that present with a myriad of symptoms that may be associated with numerous conditions, including seizures, encephalitis, tumors, stroke, and dementia.

TCD technologists utilize their expertise in cerebral vascular anatomy to perform ultrasound testing to measure the rate and direction of blood flow inside arterial vessels. This test facilitates the diagnosis of a wide range of conditions affecting the brain following TIAs, embolisms, CVAs, vasospasm, subarachnoid hemorrhages, and Sickle Cell Disease. As this test provides rapid and real-time results, it is also an effective tool to assess perfusion during cerebrovascular procedures, such as Carotid Endarterectomies.

During Neurodiagnostic Week 2022, SpecialtyCare would like to thank each of our associates who provide the highest level of EEG, EP & TCD care for your passion, hard work and dedication to our patients. We are incredibly fortunate and proud that you are a part of our family!