New Year, New Goals Pt. 3

SpecialtyCare has partnered with Harvard Business Publishing to launch the Harvard ManageMentor program, the most trusted on-demand leadership development resource. Harvard ManageMentor covers 42 essential business topics ranging from developing employees to stress management and delivering critical management skills. 

The start of a new year is an excellent opportunity to set new goals and develop your professional skillset. Strategic Thinking, Time Management, and Writing Skills are three essential business topics covered in the Harvard ManageMentor program. 

Strategic Thinking  

Managers have many responsibilities, including planning, executing, and leading your team. Thinking strategically is also a critical skill to bring the most value to your organization and advance your career. 

Strategic Thinking from Harvard ManageMentor will help you understand the characteristics of strategic thinkers, why thinking creatively is important for this, and how to identify relationships by looking at the big picture, establishing other perspectives, and making connections. These tips, worksheets, and practice scenarios will help strategic thinking become second nature and improve your managerial toolkit.  

Time Management  

Today’s workplace is fast-paced and time-pressed. Therefore, time management skills are essential to gain control of your schedule and priorities. Time Management from Harvard ManageMentor will help you evaluate your current practices to find areas for improvement. Additionally, Time Management will help you prioritize tasks and develop your schedule. 

These resources will help you schedule your time, delegate tasks, support a work/life balance, and boost your team’s meeting productivity. Harvard ManageMentor will help you use your time wisely, so you can set your priorities and achieve your goals. 

Writing Skills 

When you’re a manager, you have to do a lot of writing—memos, proposals, plans, reviews, and reports. Writing Skills from Harvard ManageMentor will help you sharpen your writing skills and walk you through the basics of business writing. Become a star business writer by learning methods of brainstorming, how to organize your ideas into outlines, and tips for writing and revising your work.

Harvard ManageMentor will also provide practical tips for grammar and tone, writing examples, and practice activities to help you sharpen your skills. Don’t let bad writing hinder getting your job done. Hone your writing skills and get comfortable creating winning content. 

Start the new year off by developing your personal and organizational skill set. Harvard ManageMentor provides fast and practical learning resources that will set your and your team’s long-term success. 

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