OR Excellence Conference

Mitigating risk is top of mind in healthcare right now. The OR Excellence Conference hit this topic and many more head-on during its 9th annual gathering in Las Vegas. With 400 OR professionals in attendance, the conference curriculum focused on hospitals improving clinical outcomes, expanding caseloads, growing more profitable, and protecting staff and assets, all in an innovative and interactive learning format. Attendees are constantly looking for ways to protect their patients, succeed economically, and position their hospitals for the future while mitigating the risk of moving away from volume-based reimbursement to value-based care tied specifically to improving patient outcomes and minimizing clinical variation.

During the conference, SpecialtyCare gathered local Las Vegas hospital executives and conference attendees Wednesday evening for a strategic networking event with the Advisory Board. Ken Leonczyk, Advisory Board’s senior director and international spokesperson, presented a healthcare state of the union on what the current administration and GOP-controlled Congress means for the future of coverage expansion, payment reform, and federal entitlement programs as well as a detailed assessment of the accomplishments, the shortcomings, and the unintended consequences of previous-era reforms. Ken said, “Amidst all the uncertainty around legislative and regulatory reform efforts, understanding how to navigate within our current healthcare landscape has become increasingly important. Moreover, learning about the continued movement into the value-based and risk-based world of healthcare economics is key to ensure that providers are able to create a strong Medicare risk strategy that will allow them to thrive in our new healthcare economy.”

Attendees left with the understanding that mitigating risk and navigating uncertainty in healthcare today while also improving margins will require them to look beyond familiar strategies like group purchasing organizations and workforce reductions, and shift emphasis to improving clinical processes and even minimizing clinical variation. This message is not a new one. According to the Advisory Board’s recent Annual Health Care CEO Survey, 183 hospital and health system C-suite executives ranked minimizing unwarranted clinical variation as one of the top six issues that are especially urgent right now.

At a time when mitigating risk and uncertainty is in fact certain, enlisting clinical partners who know how to transform and help hospital executives and OR leaders lead is critical to success. SpecialtyCare’s patient-focused market-leading services minimize clinical variation, resulting in better safety, improved patient outcomes, and lower costs, so our customers get the reliable, consistent value they need to be leaders.

From the meeting’s learning opportunities to our strategic networking dinner with the Advisory Board, Outpatient Surgery Magazine’s OR Excellence Conference allowed us to connect with our customers, colleagues, and peers and think beyond familiar strategies to develop innovative tactics to continue to mitigate risk and navigate the uncertainty in healthcare today. Thank you to everyone who connected with us in Las Vegas. We enjoyed participating and look forward to the 2018 OR Excellence Conference!


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