30th Annual OR Manager Conference

Orlando is a magical place, and SpecialtyCare saw that firsthand at the 30th Annual OR Manager Conference, famous mouse and wizarding world nearby aside.

The OR Manager Conference is the premier executive-level event for OR directors and OR business managers concerned with management of the surgical suite, and is dedicated to providing industry solutions and leading best practices. With 1,400 executive OR professionals in attendance, the focus this year was to improve efficiency and affectivity with sessions on patient safety, infection control, OR flow, staff motivation, and leadership. All of these topics were discussed in keynotes, in sessions, in networking events, and in the exhibit hall in the context of preparing strong OR leaders for the unpredictable climate we’re currently experiencing in healthcare.

With this uncertainty in the healthcare space specifically in mind, SpecialtyCare gathered local Orlando hospital executives and OR Manager conference attendees Monday evening for a strategic networking event with the Advisory Board. Jessica Liu, Advisory Board’s practice manager for the Health Care Industry Committee, led a thoughtful discussion on a current landscape scan of the latest trends in healthcare. This state of the union provided an objective analysis of the next era of healthcare reform and explored potential futures of Medicare, Medicaid, and the private insurance market—and what those changes mean for hospitals and health systems’ strategies. “It’s uncertain exactly how reform will play out in the next few years. The one thing that is for certain is we, as in the entire healthcare industry, need to look for ways to decrease overall healthcare spend, because the trajectory we’re on is not sustainable,” said Jessica. Attendees left with key takeaways to help them proceed amid uncertainty, giving them long-term success regardless of the current climate.

During the OR Manager Conference, SpecialtyCare also launched OptimizeORTM to help hospital executives and OR leaders drive efficiency and tackle the unpredictable nature of the operating room. OptimizeOR is a data-driven Software as a Service (SaaS) application that enables perioperative leaders to optimize their staff and OR utilization and standardize supplies and implant use across surgeons, driving increased surgical volume and improved patient satisfaction. It has an intuitive interface developed with OR leaders’ needs in mind, helping them increase efficiency and productivity and maximize surgeon satisfaction. Users have access to key performance measures and can easily manipulate powerful analytics to gain actionable insights and produce presentation-ready materials designed specifically to drive and represent financial and clinical improvement.

From the conference to our strategic networking event with the Advisory Board to the launch of SpecialtyCare OptimizeOR, organizations like OR Manager provide a crucial forum for all of us to become better prepared, better informed, and better connected to help turn the uncertainty we’re currently facing in healthcare into something truly magical. We’d like to thank everyone who connected with us in Orlando. We were thrilled to be part of the 2017 OR Manager Conference and look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s event in Nashville!


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