Clinical partners for life.


SpecialtyCare is more than an allied health services vendor; we’re a partner that serves you and your patients in support of better outcomes and commitment to your goals.


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Building an Operating Room of Excellence

More and more hospitals are looking to outsourced allied health services providers to reduce clinical costs. And this doesn’t mean they should sacrifice quality. SpecialtyCare delivers both to our partner hospitals and the surgeons we work with across the country. Our promise is to deliver improved outcomes, patient safety, and financial results. Period.

When you partner with SpecialtyCare, you can expect immediate improvements to the function of your OR. We lead the charge in building operating rooms that perform, garner surgeon satisfaction, and operate to maximum efficiency. How do we do this? It’s simple. We have created unparalleled outsource models for what we know best: perfusion, intraoperative neuromonitoring, autotransfusion, sterile processing consulting, surgical assist, and minimally invasive surgical support. We hire exceptional people, who seamlessly integrate into any operating room to deliver the highest quality patient care. Our expert clinicians are trained, certified, and dedicated to serving patients and their families.

Partnering for Improvement

Our goal is to become your clinical partner for life. If you see a need for improvement in your OR, we can help you determine the best game plan. Our customer service methodology includes collaborative milestone meetings to prioritize expectations, measure progress, and define value. To be the best possible partner to our valued customers, we work hard to not only meet your expectations – but exceed them. The operating room is not only a critical area of the hospital in terms of care, but it can also make or break the bank when it comes to the overall budget of the hospital. The OR accounts for up to 60 percent of a hospital’s revenue and some 35‐40 percent of its expenses, according to the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA). It’s imperative the OR is running as efficiently as possible. And SpecialtyCare can help.

An efficient OR is characterized by:

  • Full and transparent communication
  • Smart utilization of rooms and equipment
  • Well-coordinated schedules of top talent
  • Ready and reliable tools and technology

SpecialtyCare understands that both outstanding clinical care and efficient repeatable processes are vital to creating top-performing operating rooms. Our expert allied health services clinicians are trained to serve as integrated members of your team who help keep your OR running smoothly and increase surgeon satisfaction so that you can realize high-quality outcomes, patient safety, and optimal financial results.

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Understanding Your Needs

A recent study from HFMA and the Health Care Advisory Board found the average OR runs at only 68 percent capacity. To give some perspective, improvements that target just one procedure per day, per operating room suite, could translate to an additional $4 to $7 million in annual revenue for the average-sized organization. Surgery delays, OR utilization and case cancellations negatively impact your bottom line. Another study at a major hospital found surgery schedules were delayed 98 percent of the time. Improvements targeting even one procedure per day per operating room. In a recent study, at a major hospital, it was found that the surgery schedules were delayed.

Allied Health Services & Clinical Partners for Life

SpecialtyCare recognizes the vital role that customer service and communication play when it comes to providing excellent clinical care. That’s why we designed and implemented an enhanced customer service methodology called “Clinical Partners for Life,” which includes collaborative milestone meetings to prioritize expectations, measure progress, and define value. In collaboration with our allied health services partners, we build a foundation for a strong partnership, with open lines of communication to create a measurable and actionable success plan. Once we determine the services We measure customer satisfaction through regular qualitative and quantitative surveys. The results are used to create and implement action plans for continuous improvement.

In today’s healthcare environment, excellence demands more than just great clinical outcomes—it requires efficient operation and cost-effective care as well. That’s why our continuous improvement efforts also focus on the non-clinical components of your OR. Through our commitment to excellence inside and outside the operating room, we’ve grown our relationships with administrators, surgeons, and OR teams all across the country and delivered on our promise to provide the certainty of exceptional care that benefits both patients and the hospital.

Supporting Your OR with Skilled People

The pool of talent at SpecialtyCare is like no other in the industry. We focus on our people to make sure they have every necessary tool at their disposal to become the best in their respective field. This means superb training, excellent compensation and benefits packages, tuition assistance and reimbursement programs, and more. Your HR concerns are lifted and you benefit from an incredibly talented and dedicated team of professionals. Your OR will be staffed efficiently, with knowledgeable, confident team members who live out our commitment to continuous improvement.


Perfusion Support

As the leading provider in perfusion services in the country, what we can offer tops others in the industry. Through our partnership, you will have highly trained perfusionists, the best-in-class equipment and supplies, hands-on clinical management to ensure patient safety and quality, rich data reports with benchmarking capabilities and other courses of treatment, such as ECMO.

IONM Support

SpecialtyCare is the largest provider of intraoperative neuromonitoring (IONM) services in the nation. We are certified by The Joint Commission (TJC), and offer a NIOM Training Program recognized by ABRET’s Neurodiagnostic Credentialing and Accreditation Board. Our surgical neurophysiologists work alongside the world’s leading surgeons to review and interpret data in real time and identify the early signs of evolving neural injury.

Deep Brain Stimulation Support

DBS therapy is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat the symptoms of neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, dystonia, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. DBS is also being explored as a treatment for several other disorders, including Tourette syndrome, epilepsy, and neuropathic pain. Our extensive experience and specialized training in DBS mapping protocols and DBS equipment (i.e., stereotactic, neurophysiology, and microdrive systems) allows us to best guide your surgeons without adding significant time to surgery.

Sterile Processing Consulting Support

Our skilled, reliable sterile processing consultants and project managers help your sterile processing department operate more efficiently and effectively. We help eliminate instrument-related surgical delays, reduce Immediate Use Steam Sterilization (IUSS) rates, achieve infection prevention and improve surgeon and OR staff satisfaction.

Autotransfusion Support

We save you money by enhancing your existing blood management program and avoiding unnecessary transfusions.

Surgical Assist Support

Our surgical assist teams supports your surgeons with speed and accuracy, in common to complex procedures, saving downtime and other expenses. We have team member ready and available around-the-clock to serve your OR needs.

Minimally Invasive Surgical Support

Our experienced staff assist with setup, provide intraoperative verbal assistance, and clean and maintain instruments after each procedure. They ensure there are appropriate levels of backup instruments ready and available to eliminate downtime.

Patient Blood Management Support

SpecialtyCare can help you evaluate and improve your existing blood management program or assist in building a new program, which will reduce future unnecessary blood transfusions.

Ecmo Support

SpecialtyCare is continuing to meet the growing need for ECMO programs in our partner hospitals. Our expert clinicians can assist – whether you’re building a new program or would like an audit of your current program.

Neurodiagnostic Support

SpecialtyCare can support your neurodiagnostic service needs with technicians who are highly trained in Carotid Duplex Ultrasound, Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound, and Electroencephalography.

Joint Commissioned Accredited