Celebrating Perfusion Week

What is Perfusion Week?

Perfusion Week 2021 takes place from May 2-8 and commemorates the work and contributions within the perfusion community. Perfusionists play a critical role during cardiovascular surgery, assisting the surgeon by operating the heart-lung machine and managing the physiological needs of each patient. This week, we celebrate our perfusionists and their heroic dedication to providing the highest quality patient care.

AmSECT Conference (May 1-May 4)

The 59th International AmSECT Conference will take place virtually from May 1-4, where leading perfusionists worldwide will join together to celebrate, network, and share knowledge. 

We’re excited to have various SpecialtyCare team members speaking across a variety of perfusion-related topics at this year’s conference. 

Linda Mongero, CCP Emeritus, Vice President of ECMO/ECLS, will be a panel speaker during two sessions: The Use of Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation in COVID-19 Patients with Severe Cardiorespiratory Failure: The Influence of Obesity on Outcomes and Women in Perfusion.

Al Stammers, MSA, PBMS, CCP Emeritus, will also be a panel speaker during the Blood Conservation: Results of Strategies to Improve Clinical Outcomes in Open Heart Surgery Patients at a Tertiary Hospital are maintained four years after initiation of Heparin Management System session.

John H. Gibbon Jr. Award

We’re excited to announce that Al Stammers will receive the John H. Gibbon Jr. Award at this year’s AmSect 59th International Conference on May 4th. Al is the Vice President for Clinical Quality and Outcomes Research at SpecialtyCare. He’ll be celebrated alongside other renowned names in cardiac surgery. 

The John H. Gibbon Jr. Award is given to a recipient making notable contributions to cardiopulmonary medicine related to extracorporeal circulation. With over 35 years of experience, Al previously served as president of AmSECT and more recently collaborated with the American Society for Artificial Organs (ASAIO) to research the role that ECMO plays in managing COVID-19 cases. Some of his most remarkable contributions include developing safer, more efficient practices and techniques for cardiovascular surgery. We’re incredibly excited to celebrate his extensive knowledge, research, and innovation towards excellence in perfusion sciences as he accepts this year’s prestigious award.

Upcoming May 12th Webinar

Additionally, SpecialtyCare is hosting an educational one-hour webinar that will be moderated by Al Stammers. The webinar is eligible for 1.2-hour Category I ABCP CEU credit. We welcome you to join your fellow perfusionists to hear from Donald Nieter, M.H.S.A., D.V.M., C.C.P., who will be sharing his learnings for successful quality initiatives. Click here to register.

Perfusion Jobs at SpecialtyCare

SpecialtyCare continues to grow, and we’d love for you to grow with us. We employ the largest professional group of perfusionists in the country. Our clinicians are educated, highly trained, and experienced. We currently employ over 490 clinical perfusion associates and take part in over 130,000 surgeries each year in 44 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. By participating in such a large number of operations and working with world-class surgeons, we are the industry leader in perfusion. 

If you’re looking for the best opportunity to build your career as a perfusionist, SpecialtyCare can provide you with high-quality job placements in amazing cities such as Augusta, Detroit, and Harrisburg. You’ll enjoy great benefits such as a flexible work-life balance, generous sign-on bonuses, and leadership opportunities. You’ll be able to share your acquired expertise with your colleagues and customers, all while providing safer surgery and better outcomes for your patients. Check out our complete listing of employment opportunities nationwide.