Reasons to be a Perfusionist in Salt Lake City

Have you ever dreamed of whisking away to live in one of the happiest cities in America? Well, you might be in luck. SpecialtyCare is currently hiring in glowing Salt Lake City, Utah for certified perfusionists. Voted one of the happiest cities in America to work by Forbes, the state of Utah was also voted the 2nd happiest state in the country. If you’re a perfusionist in the field and thinking of switching things up, SLC is waiting. Let’s zoom in to see what all the buzz is about.

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Sundance Film Festival

Let’s start off with the biggest and baddest Salt Lake has to offer: Sundance. Sundance Film Festival is the most popular and largest independent film festival in the U.S., with SLC and Park City practically hosting all of Hollywood every year for 11 days straight. Founded by Robert Redford, the festival presents over 100 indie movies every year, usually starring recognizable celebrities. All these films compete to win awards and try to get a distribution deal, as many deals close even before the festival ends. And some have deals even before arrival.

It’s a movie fan’s absolute dream, one of the few chances people can have a beer with famous actors and filmmakers. Unlike any other festival, there’s a party happening surrounding the event every day and night. Also attached to Sundance is Slamdance Film Festival, a smaller and edgier film festival on the same street over the same two weekends. Slamdance gave birth to many popular movies like “Paranormal Activity” and popular filmmakers like Christopher Nolan.

Hitting the Slopes

In case you didn’t know already, Salt Lake is a skiing and snowboarding wonderland with 7 world-class ski resorts. And a combination of density and moisture make Utah’s fresh white powder the absolute best for hitting the slopes. The 4 most famous of the resorts, Alta, Brighton, Snowbird and Solitude can all be skied in a single weekend. Each of them have their own city and feel to them. For example, Alta is a more classic/traditional resort whereas Brighton is more laid back and attracts a younger crowd. These resorts are located within driving distance of one another, all accessible by the UTA public transit system. Busses will take skiers and boarders from one resort to the other in a single day if they want.

Awesome Music Scene

For all you hardcore music fans, you may have already known quite a few popular bands have come out of Salt Lake over the years, such as Imagine Dragons, The Used and Neon Trees. The city also hosts free concerts put on by major artists at Pioneer Park for free. You read that right. During the summer, the venue puts on the Twilight Concert Series with musical acts like Empire of the Sun, The Nationals and Ludacris. The city is also known for its unique local indie radio station X96 Radio From Hell, one of the longest-running local stations out there.