Reasons to Be a Perfusionist in Visalia, CA

As you may have already seen on sites like Glassdoor and, SpecialtyCare is growing at a crazy rate. Among other awesome locations, we currently have perfusionist positions open in sunny Visalia, California. Located in the San Joaquin Valley in mid-state California, Visalia is known for its breathtaking mountain views, near-perfect weather and close vicinity to some of the country’s best national parks. Let’s dive in and explore why Visalia might just be the perfect move for a perfusionist looking for a change.

Gorgeous National Parks

Visalia is near three major national parks. Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon can all be found on numerous Top 10 park lists in the United States, with Yosemite ranking #1 on quite a few of them. Visalia and these three parks are well-known and explored because of their close vicinity to the Sierra Nevada mountains, the highest mountain range in the country.

While others spend months planning trips to any of these park locations, you would have the luxury of popping in on any day you’re not working. While Yosemite is under two hours away, Visalia offers affordable shuttle service to Sequoia and Kings Canyon parks, which are even closer (45-75 minutes).

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Weekend Trips to Surrounding Cities

Another great about Visalia is that it happens to be within driving distance of two of the biggest cities in California. A 3.5-hour drive from San Francisco and 3-hour drive from Los Angeles, Visalia is a prime location for weekend getaways. Imagine enjoying all the benefits of these cities without dealing with the horrible traffic or high rent of actually living there. Imagine leaving on a day off and exploring San Fran with the Golden Gate bridge, bay seafood, world-famous coffee shops and other attractions like Alcatraz Island, or beautiful Lake Kaweah.

San Fran’s not your bag? How about Los Angeles? The city of celebs offers the best entertainment no matter what your hobbies are. Concerts, comedy shows and sporting events galore. Don’t feel like driving and want to enjoy the scenic routes? The Amtrak train’s got you covered with trips to both cities. And speaking of weekend getaways, Visalia is also only an hour away from Vegas by flight. Want to check out the world’s greatest sporting events, concerts, and casinos? You can get there quick and cheap, and jet back to work a couple days later. Oh and one more thing. Visalia is also only five hours away from wine country. Now that’s tough to beat.

The Sunshine All Year Round

Yep, Visalia gets a lot of sun. We’re talking 339 days a year on average. And get this: the lowest the temperatures will ever get during the day are the 50s. You read that right. Through December and January, the average temp is only 54 degrees.




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