Robin Akins Attends Medical Mission to Trinidad

Recently, Robin Akins, from our Phoenix IONM Team, went on a medical mission to care for patients in Trinidad. We spoke with her about her experience and role here at SpecialtyCare.

We know that it’s not enough for an organization to simply state its values, so we are proud to live out our company values, IntegrityCareTeamwork, and Improvement, each day. One of our company values, Care, means we strive to value others with our actions. We are passionate about making a difference in healthcare and we constantly work to create an environment that supports our teams, personally and professionally. We greatly appreciate the work our people are doing here and abroad!

What is your role with Specialty Care and how long have you been with us?  

My participation in this mission trip was sort of last minute. It was my understanding that someone was unable to go. An email was sent out for a volunteer to attend with knowledge that the facility was not like hospitals in the US. Also, whoever went would not have professional oversight of a neurologist on line with us. I was selected, much to my surprise, as I am at least 30 years older than the average neurophysiologist with SpecialtyCare. This is my first experience going on a mission trip.

What did you to do prepare for this trip?   

Well, first off, my passport expired recently and I was lucky enough to live in a city where there was a passport facility here in Tucson, AZ. I hurriedly packed supplies, scrubs, and jammies, haha!

What is a moment you will never forget from this mission?  

The one thing I will never forget about this mission trip is the extreme kindness shown by everyone at Princess Elizabeth Centre. There was NO complaining by the staff. Despite the environment of the OR compared to any hospital I have worked in here in the US, the staff genuinely and amazingly helped each other. They treated me with incredible kindness and generosity. I will honestly never forget it. In a place where they lack sophisticated supplies and instruments, they made up a million times with love. So humbling.

If you could encourage anyone to take a medical mission trip, what would you say?  

Don’t wait until you are 61 years old to do this. I honestly wanted to stay longer! I will be returning early next year and will visit Princess Elizabeth Centre. I am in communication with the OR director here to see if we can save disposable items that are thrown away every single day and send them to Trinidad.

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Interested in Medical Missions? Learn More about the IONM Medical Mission Fund!

The IONM Medical Mission Fund will support IONM clinicians willing to donate their time to travel to help monitor children from economically challenged countries who need related surgery. The fund will support any neurophysiologist who is willing to donate their time to travel to help monitor children from economically challenged countries who need such spine surgery. The fund will cover costs up to $2,500, for airfare and hotel, for each qualified clinician selected for the award. For more information about the fund and application process, click here.