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OR Insight has an intuitive interface developed with surgeons’ needs in mind, helping them increase surgeon productivity and satisfaction.

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At SpecialtyCare, we’ve worked long and hard throughout the years to make sure every single aspect of your operating room is covered. When your mind is at ease in regards to support, your focus on the patient increases significantly, which is exactly what we aim for. Patient care will always come first with us. Because of this, we’re motivated as a company to continue thinking of new ways to support your team.

In 2017, SpecialtyCare launched OR Insight, a user-friendly decision support and analytics system that helps hospitals improve on operative performance. OR Insight is a data-driven application that allows hospital leaders to optimize their staff as well as standardize supplies and implant use across surgeons.

OR Insight has an intuitive interface developed with surgeons’ needs in mind, helping them increase surgeon productivity and satisfaction. Users have access to performance measures and can easily manipulate powerful analytics to produce materials specifically designed to drive and represent financial and clinical improvement. This helps customers grow surgical volume, increase productivity, and improve patient and surgeon satisfaction.

OR Insight is powered by Syus and AORN Syntegrity. SpecialtyCare selected Syus after witnessing the value it provides several of the hospital customers we share. OR Insight has access to the 4 million surgical cases in the Syus database.

Along with SCOPE, the SpecialtyCare Operative Procedural Registry, the largest allied health database of its kind, allows SpecialtyCare customers an unmatched ability to determine benchmarks, discover best practices, and compare performance so that patient outcomes are improved as well as hospital finances.



By entering a few data points below, you will receive a custom analysis highlighting projected additional operating capacity, decreased delay minutes and increased block utilization. It will also include an estimate of how it will impact your bottom line, resulting in increased revenue.

Listen to Checking the Vitals

In this podcast we dive deep into the healthcare space, from the people that dedicate their lives to patient care to the companies improving patient outcomes through innovation. From well-respected surgeons and thought leaders to those on the front lines of healthcare, we’ll bring you conversations with those making a difference both in the OR and beyond. Through in-depth interviews with nurses, sterile processing technicians, clinical managers, and even healthcare technology companies and startups, we’ll discuss what’s on the horizon in the industry in regards to careers, technology, and innovation.


How SpecialtyCare Can Help With OR Insight

Hospitals need reliable partners who align with your goals, who care as much about your patients and positive outcomes as you do. Creating top notch healthcare is a huge priority, and the key to this is providing patients with the best quality care while simultaneously avoiding and reducing costs.

We believe in continuous education, training, and data-driven research and innovation. Our team of clinical professionals and support staff is the most highly certified and advanced degreed group of its kind. It’s all part of our commitment to provide you with the certainty of patient care. Here’s how OR Insight can benefit you.

  • Get started quickly—program implementation takes days, not months
  • Use OR Insight with any EHR system
  • Save learning time with intuitive software interface designed for clinicians
  • Select key variables and measures in your data warehouse—such as surgeon, procedure type, concurrency, room turnover time, case length, and on-time starts—to assess performance and identify areas for improvement
  • Filter by various time spans, from 15-minute intervals to days, weeks, and months
  • Adjust thresholds on measures for targeted goal-setting and analysis
  • Identify trends with easy-to-understand graphics that include color-coded notifications highlighting areas of particular interest
  • Save favorite report settings for ongoing use and benchmarking
  • Export report findings and charts to share performance with teams, surgeons, and administrators
  • Save time with personalized, presentation-ready materials

There’s a reason why more than a thousand hospitals trust us to help them achieve exceptional care, regulatory compliance, and financial results. We’ve been dedicated to improving value in perioperative care for three decades.


What SpecialtyCare & OR Insight Provides

OR Insight eliminates the hard, endless work of getting the information you need to run your OR, giving you the tools to make better decisions, share your insights, and engage surgeons and administrators.

  • SpecialtyCare will take data (generated by your EHR, supply, and HR systems), validate it, and tie it all together in a single, secure hosted data warehouse.
  • You use OR Insight’s online dashboard and analytics to explore curated key performance measures powered by our calculation engine and make better data-driven decisions.
  • SpecialtyCare creates personalized presentation-ready materials to keep surgeons and administration informed and engaged in tailored improvement efforts.

Reach out to us and learn why hospitals partner with SpecialtyCare to transform their services and improve the value of healthcare delivery. Over a thousand times every day, our dedicated experts are entrusted to help someone’s parent, or child, a loved one, or a friend, to live a better life.

A Word From Our People on OR Insight

SpecialtyCare CEO Sam Weinstein, MD, MBA, said, “High-performing operating rooms are essential for hospital success in today’s value-based healthcare environment. To continue to improve outcomes and lower readmission rates, OR leaders must have access to data that can uncover opportunities to maximize efficiency. This product is a natural extension of SpecialtyCare’s commitment to equip our customers with the resources required to provide the highest quality of patient care at the most responsible cost.”

Kevin O’Hara, CEO of Syus said “We are delighted to have been selected by SpecialtyCare to power OR Insight. SpecialtyCare is a leader in bringing efficiency and improved outcomes to the OR and we are proud to be able to further those efforts.”


About Our Company

At SpecialtyCare, we never lose sight of the fact that our top priority is to the people that trust us to care for them, and that is our patients and their families who deserve our effort and respect. We challenge the status quo and thrive in pursuing opportunities to advance what’s possible.

We want our customers to feel at ease, confident, and certain about our capabilities. We want to connect with them as members of the same team, working toward the same common goals. We take an approach based on evidence that focuses on clinical quality, a commitment to excellence, and continuous improvement backed by best-in-class education, training, and research. Our goal is to help you build an operating room of excellence and provide the most successful outcomes for your patients. Patient care is our first and last priority.

Surgeons and hospital staff should always have the best possible means to make sure they have the most positive patient outcomes, while simultaneously being able to maintain their own financial health and success. We are the market leader in perfusion and intraoperative neuromonitoring, and the industry’s choice for autotransfusion, sterile processing consulting, surgical assist, and minimally invasive surgical support. We are committed to delivering exceptional care outcomes, patient safety, and financial results in more than a thousand hospitals and health systems, supporting 13,500 physicians during 400,000+ procedures annually.

As a Joint Commission-certified organization with our own university, which includes a fully equipped operating for training our clinicians, we develop expertise beyond required certifications so that your surgical team can be certain they have the best partner for clinical excellence. SpecialtyCare has over two-thousand clinicians providing the highest possible quality care, we have a national presence that gives our medical team access to extensive, unmatched clinical data for conducting research to identify trends, determine benchmarks, create new and better practices, and innovation that advances patient care.

Our company is made up of physicians, technicians, perfusionists, neurophysiologists, and clinical specialists. We are trainers, recruiters, analysts, and schedulers. We all have family and friends, and we want them to receive the best possible care when they need it. On the other side of the coin, we also understand the unexpected high cost of equipment failure and inefficiency. That’s why we focus on strategic planning and streamlined workflow management to guarantee readiness, avoid downtime, and optimize asset utilization.