Greater certainty. Higher productivity.

Eliminate instrument-related surgical delays, reduce Immediate Use Steam Sterilization (IUSS) rates, achieve infection prevention, and improve OR staff satisfaction.


Our Sterile Processing Consulting Services

The Sterile Processing Department practices at SpecialtyCare are designed to support the surgery team, increase their efficiency, and allow them to focus on the procedure at hand. This results in a more productive OR. Like you, we are passionate about achieving the best patient outcomes possible while directly increasing value. We’ve made a commitment to be patient focused. We provide the highest quality of care while also controlling and reducing cost. We’ve been dedicated to improving value for three decades now.

Hospital leaders, surgeons, and their patients get the benefits of this commitment when they use our sterile processing services. Our consultants have central sterile services experience in multiple specialties.

We build on this experience with a commitment to ongoing and advanced training, education, and certification to make sure that hospitals have exceptional service in the sterile processing department and all the medical departments it serves. With our national reach and extensive experience, we directly improve value for hospitals and health systems just like yours. We provide the most skilled, reliable SP team and project managers to help your sterile processing department see quick gains in efficiency and effectiveness. Whether it’s eliminating instrument-related surgical delays, reducing Immediate Use Steam Sterilization (IUSS) rates, achieving infection prevention or improve surgeon and OR staff satisfaction, we’re here to support.

Our expert consultants are transforming sterile processing departments with leading knowledge and speed and accuracy to improve operational efficiency in your OR and sterile processing department.

Listen to Checking the Vitals

In this podcast we dive deep into the healthcare space, from the people that dedicate their lives to patient care to the companies improving patient outcomes through innovation. From well-respected surgeons and thought leaders to those on the front lines of healthcare, we’ll bring you conversations with those making a difference both in the OR and beyond. Through in-depth interviews with nurses, sterile processing technicians, clinical managers, and even healthcare technology companies and startups, we’ll discuss what’s on the horizon in the industry in regards to careers, technology, and innovation.


What SpecialtyCare Provides: Sterile Processing

We’re committed to understanding the needs of your hospital and OR team so we can seamlessly and effectively provide the safest, highest quality outcome for the patient. We establish benchmarks for your department to track clear signs of progress towards higher quality services and compliance, including tray errors, cart errors, IUS Rate and case delays.

We also conduct ongoing audits and assessments to guarantee continuous compliance and improvement. The SpecialtyCare University training received by our consultants, our medical office, our research team, and deployment of Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement, delivers higher staff satisfaction and productivity in your OR.

Audits and assessments are important for compliance. Having your name in the headlines for the wrong reason even once is one time too many. It’s all too common to hear about Stark Law or anti-kickback violations that cost hospitals millions or a Joint Commission denial of accreditation or failure to comply with AAMI guidelines. SpecialtyCare ensures our customers that when they partner with us, we’re proactively helping protect their brand, reputation, and bottom-line.

Sterile Processing Consulting

Sterile Processing Consulting is designed to bring out the best in your OR and throughout your hospital. We work closely with sterile processing department management and OR leaders to deliver reliable SPD staff performance through a unique approach that minimizes infection, lost instruments, late starts, incomplete trays, and surgeon frustration. The ultimate result is an improvement in teamwork between departments and overall patient outcomes. At SpecialtyCare, we understand that the sterile processing department plays a very important role in the overall success of your hospital and that every member of the team is key to that success. That’s why we are devoted to delivering SPD staff training, education, and process improvement to transform your department into one of the nation’s leading programs.

Along with education and training on rigorous process management and strict regulatory compliance guidelines, our sterile processing consultants advise sterile processing management and staff on anticipating your OR needs and matching the rhythm of your operating room. This boosts the confidence of your surgical team and enables them to focus on what they do best, which leads to greater surgeon, staff, and patient satisfaction.

Our sterile processing consultants are seasoned leaders with credentials through the major certification organizations—the International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management (IAHCSMM) and the Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution (CBSPD). This high level of leadership and expertise means that your hospital and department gets the proven, reliable expertise needed for improved procedures and better quality control.

Our goal is to ensure clinical quality and streamline sterile processing management processes so that your OR can run at top efficiency with minimal risk. We are committed to working with your department to reduce infections, improve service flow, maximize staff productivity, and decrease case delays. As far as we’re concerned, the safety of the patient is always our first priority.


The Sterile Processing Team

Sterile processing management technicians play a huge role in the health and well-being of patients today. By tracking and sterilizing vital surgical instruments, sterile processing department staff reduce the risk of infection, lost instruments, incomplete trays, and surgeon frustration. Reducing infection risk can potentially save multiple lives.

Our certified technicians provide the expertise, quality control, and strict regulatory compliance to keep the operating room running smoothly. Working with SpecialtyCare sterile processing consultants, supervisors and managers are also instrumental in overseeing operations.

They conduct in-service training and work with hospital administrators and staff to find ways that provide for on-time service delivery, reduce costs, and ensure patient safety.

Here are some more details on what we offer:

Initial Sterile Processing Management Assessment

A Joint Commission readiness assessment is provided and areas for improvement are identified by SpecialtyCare’s senior sterile processing leadership.

  • Staffing
  • Education and training
  • Workflows
  • Adherence to AAMI guidelines
  • Facility and environment compliance
  • Policy and procedure reviews


Interim Management Coverage

Leadership is provided to make sure your sterile processing department is fully functional while staff recruiting and training occurs.

  • Assisting in recruiting and training the Sterile Processing Manager
  • Overseeing department hospital staff
  • Scheduling and training of staff
  • Managing day-to-day oversight of department operations
  • Developing quality indicators
    • Case cart error frequency
    • Instrument set error frequency
    • Sterilization documentation error frequency
    • IUSS frequency
    • First-case surgery delay frequency


Project Management Services

Custom project management programs are built to address the specific needs of your hospital.

  • Updating the hospital’s tracking system
  • Assisting with new construction or redesign construction projects
  • Developing policies and procedures
  • Developing quality data reports
  • Assessing staff competencies initially, quarterly, or annually as required by hospital accrediting agencies like The Joint Commission and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
  • Evaluating SPD post-assessment quarterly for ongoing performance tracking and optimization
  • Mentoring and training new hospital managers and supervisors
  • Process mapping


Sterile Processing Management Training Program

Custom education and certification training is provided for your staff.

  • Six-week Sterile Processing Certification Course onsite at your hospital
    • IAHCSMM-approved instructors provide classroom training and lectures
    • Hands-on clinical training in your department by the SPM experts


Comments From Our Sterile Processing Customers

“Our Sterile Processing Department really needed leadership and someone who was an expert in regulatory guidelines with a Joint Commission audit coming up. SpecialtyCare is definitely on top of evidence based regulatory recommendations and AAMI guidelines. Our processes improved, but also SpecialtyCare was really well versed in working and communicating with surgeons. We’ve seen fewer surgeon complaints and more OR staff satisfaction.”
– Senior Director of Perioperative Services at a 711-bed non-profit teaching hospital in Pennsylvania

“SpecialtyCare got all of our Sterile Processing Department employees certified. We have management in place now that is certified as well. They’re bringing in knowledge from hospitals all across the country and best practices that we just didn’t have access to before.”
– Administrative Director of Perioperative Services at a 1,397-bed general medical and surgical facility in Memphis

“The sterile processing department is very, very important… critical to the success of everything that goes on with the patient.”
– Guy Voeller, MD, Vascular Surgeon

Leading The Industry

SpecialtyCare continues to grow and we’d like you to grow alongside us. Our clinicians and technicians participate in over 400,000 surgeries each year in 45 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. We serve more than 1,100 hospitals and support more than 13,500 surgeons.

At a time when change is certain, partners who know how to transform and help you lead are critical to your success. SpecialtyCare’s patient-focused market-leading services minimize clinical variation, resulting in better safety, improved patient outcomes, and lower costs, so our customers get the reliable, consistent value they need to be leaders. By participating in such a large number of surgeries and by working with world-class surgeons, we are the most experienced provider of outsourced clinical services in the industry. We are always interested in building our team by hiring and training smart, dedicated people who share our values and our commitment to excellence.

SpecialtyCare sterile processing consulting delivers reliable results for an optimized SPD through a customized approach that minimizes the occurrence of infection, lost instruments, late starts, incomplete trays, and surgeon frustration. The ultimate result is improved outcomes for your patients. Visit these pages to learn more about how we live our commitment to continuous improvement in all areas of our organization every day.