OR Staffing & Support

To support efficient operations in your OR, SpecialtyCare provides Specialists and certified Technicians.


SpecialtyCare brings the expertise to transform your OR into a safe, highly efficient, and effective surgical service delivery area. It can be very challenging to find qualified and reliable staff for your OR. We specialize in providing Autotransfusionists, Surgical First Assistants, and Specialists to support some of your most challenging cases.


Hospitals and patients benefit from Autotransfusion services. Autotransfusion (the practice of using a patient’s own blood for a transfusion) can safely replace the practice of using donated blood transfusions in many instances.

Surgical First Assistants

Save your facility in expense and improve your overall efficiency with our expert Surgical Assistants. Our Surgical Assistants positively impact the lives of more patients and practitioners by providing evidence-based, data-driven care that decreases both complications and costs.


Hospitals that are experiencing quality and availability issues with their complex instruments will benefit from our Surgical Specialists. We offer Surgical Specialists for Minimally Invasive Surgery including Robotics, Ortho/Neuro/ Spine, Cardiovascular, and GI procedures. These cases utilize highly complex instruments that, if not handled or processed correctly, can become a patient risk and a significant cost to the hospital.

Capital Equipment and Disposable Management

In need of Surgical Instruments, but do not have the budget to purchase them? SpecialtyCare can assist in the acquisition of reusable instrumentation and certain disposable products.