For your SPD, we provide a complete menu of services including consulting, management, technicians, efficiency improvements all the way through full SPD outsourcing.


SpecialtyCare brings the expertise to transform your SPD into a safe, highly efficient, and effective surgical service delivery area. Sterile processing is a mission critical function in every facility that provides surgical services. SPD’s primary functions are to ensure that instruments are available, functional, and safe for use with every patient. SPD production is dependent upon the complement of staff, their proficiency, and efficiency at which they work, plus the equipment supplied to do the work. Gaps in any of these variables leads to expensive surgical delays, staff frustrations, and the potential for patient harm.


Our team of experts, led by Marcy Konja and Gregory Agoston, will provide a thorough review of your SPD. Using Lean Six Sigma principles, we look for solutions that address the root cause of the problems.


SpecialtyCare has the expertise to offer full SPD services from assessing the SPD to full outsourcing. We provide the best staff and service delivery to ensure that your patients are as safe as possible and that your staff and surgeons are satisfied and can do their work without complications or delays.


Without the right number of qualified technicians, your department will struggle to meet its three primary goals of having instruments Available, Functional, and Safe for every patient use. SpecialtyCare provides certified SPD Technicians to meet your needs.


Published studies document that 70-80% of the instruments in commonly opened instrument sets are not used for a given case. The processing, repair, and replacement of these instruments cost hospitals hundreds of thousand dollars annually. Additionally, time spent by your OR and SPD staff handling these unnecessary instruments is a waste and decreases your SPD’s and OR efficiency.


Surgio Health: Our cloud base system provides exceptional management tools and accessibility for managing and tracking your investment in surgical instruments and loaner equipment. Advanced systems for tracking SPD related events are included. This feature will allow you, as the SPD manager, to proactively gain insights to trends and apply corrective action to solve problems.


Wondering if your robotics program is cost-effective, efficient, and representative of the highest level of clinical quality? Looking for independent, non-biased, third-party robotics experts to help your hospital achieve these critical performance goals? We can help.