SpecialtyCare Celebrates MIS Week

SpecialtyCare is proud to celebrate its second Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) Week. We have more than 200 highly-trained minimally invasive specialists who work closely with sterile processing departments and operating rooms to make surgery safer for everyone. We want to take this opportunity to celebrate our team and our history, and showcase who we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re going. 

What Is Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)? 

Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) is performed using various techniques that cause less damage to the body than open surgery. As a result, patients experience less pain, shorter hospital stays, and fewer complications. MIS was developed as a safer technique, and many surgeons prefer this type of surgery over open surgery. Since then, MIS has expanded into many surgical specialties. Continual advancement and innovation in MIS benefits patients with various conditions. 

The History of MIS

Starting in the early 1990s, more procedures were starting to be done as minimally invasive surgery. However, these surgeries require specialized instruments, scopes, and cameras, making it challenging for hospitals to set up trays of instruments that could be utilized across various procedure types while meeting the needs and preferences of multiple surgeons. 

These specially made instruments and equipment were coming from European countries. Oftentimes, it took weeks or months for these complex instruments and equipment to arrive at hospitals. Additionally, they demanded highly specific and intricate cleaning and sterile processing care to ensure patient safety. MIS required surgeons to see what they were doing, so video towers were installed to capture these procedures’ documentation —making an already challenging environment more complex. 

To add more obstacles, this specific instrumentation and equipment would often wear down and break, and managing their replacement became burdensome. To combat this issue, medical manufacturers began creating disposable pieces that were still effective without having to process them. However, disposables were extremely expensive and led to more medical waste. 

SpecialtyCare’s Minimally Invasive Program

We’ve developed a program that provides hospital operating rooms and sterile processing departments with efficient solutions to combat these challenges. We ensure every surgeon has properly cleaned, sterilized, and functional instruments, equipment, and support needed for each procedure. 

We can supply hospitals with instruments and equipment at a lower cost and manage the upkeep, repair, and replacement without the historical challenges. We can also provide them with information on instrumentation, equipment, and where they can get these items if they decide to buy them on their own. We eliminate surplus instruments, duplicate trays, and surgeon-specific trays with our oversight of these processes. Additionally, we can reduce or eliminate disposable waste. 

Our MIS program will improve your hospital’s efficiency. Our SpecialtyCare team supports the surgeon and surgical team to deliver the highest quality patient care by providing complex sets and equipment for MIS. Our highly-trained specialists and clinical leaders are committed to making surgery safer for patients in their communities. 

Technological advancements continue to evolve in the way operating rooms serve their patients. Therefore, we must continually adapt to these changes to ensure our services maintain relevancy and provide value. Our MIS services strive to transform sterile processing departments and operating rooms every day. 

Grow With Us

We are excited to provide a unique and holistic approach to minimally invasive and sterile processing services. Our clinical specialists improve upon and ensure efficient results in SPD and OR productivity and efficiency; instrument and equipment availability, functionality, and safety; and add value to provide a financial return on investment. 

We’ll use data, analysis, and reporting to evaluate our performance and showcase our program’s value. Additionally, we’ll prove that we can assist programs in becoming safer and more efficient to improve patient care while cutting costs and getting a return on investment. We’ll also use this data to continually identify best practices that create consistency across our services. 

Partnering with SpecialtyCare will ensure a long-standing, trustworthy relationship. Taking care of patients is at the heart of what we do, and we’ll continue to provide the highest quality care while improving MIS and sterile processing so hospitals can ensure that their patients are in good hands.   

About SpecialtyCare

SpecialtyCare is a people company, dedicated to providing an exceptional patient experience, becoming the OR employer of choice, and leading the way in OR innovation.