SpecialtyCare Covers AmSECT Membership for Perfusion Service Line

SpecialtyCare is excited to announce a new partnership with the American Society of Extracorporeal Technology (AmSECT) that will benefit every service under our perfusion service line! Starting now, SpecialtyCare will be covering the cost required to become an AmSECT member in order for everyone to experience and utilize the numerous benefits provided by the membership. 

Members will enjoy multiple benefits that will heighten the experience of their careers. Those who join AmSECT will receive critical safety notifications for the perfusion industry, gain access to AmSECT University Safety Educational Modules and peer-reviewed research in the Journal of ExtraCorporeal Technology, and acquire best practice documents and protocols. Additionally, each member will have the opportunity to represent SpecialtyCare in AmSECT Committees and the annual Leadership Symposium, be considered by the JECT Editor-in-Chief as a qualified candidate to serve on the editorial board or as a reviewer of articles, and participate in workshops and webinars. As for conference benefits, members will receive discounted registration for in-person events and virtual meetings featuring cutting-edge content and other workshop discounts.

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