SpecialtyCare Leads ECMO Training at Swedish Hospital

To continue highlighting ECMO Appreciation Week, we want to raise awareness for the importance of this profession and the impact these teams have on patient care every single day. Recently, SpecialtyCare provided 2.5 days of didactic instruction along with hands-on wetlab scenarios provided by our industry leaders (Kirti Patel, Courtney Petersen, Linda Mongero, and Sonia Zuzek) with over 70 years combined experience. Training was focused on the latest therapeutic practices, and students walked away with the ability to manage the equipment supplies, monitor ECMO patients even in times of crisis, and develop strategies for optimal patient care.

The didactic training objectives included Cannulation Strategies, ECMO Initiation, Anticoagulation Management, Clinical Management of ECMO, Monitoring and Weaning V-V, Monitoring and Weaning V-A, and Troubleshooting. The ECMO wet lab included objectives like Standard Circuit Setup, ECMO Circuit Troubleshooting, Oxygenator Failure & Change Out, Centrifugal Pump Failure & Change Out Circuit Failure & Change Out, Pigtail and Stopcock Change Out, Hand-Cranking Centrifugal Pump, Removing Air from Circuit, Resolving High-Line Pressures, Power Failure, Inadvertent Decannulation, Patient Air Embolus, and Competency Review and Check-off.

Our team recently completed numerous training sessions across our service line. Students take a final exam at the end of the course to assess their ability to become independent and confident ECMO Specialists at the bedside. The training has been very successful based on outcomes.

At a recent training, the CMO visited us on two separate occasions to thank the team for participating in the training of their team.

In another high-profile university ECMO training session, each of the SpecialtyCare associates received a personal hand-written note coming from the entire ECMO student class verbalizing how much they appreciated the “Best in Class” SpecialtyCare ECMO Training and how they were committed to making us proud with what they learned and how that would be directly applied to taking care of ECMO patients each and every day.  Matt Herwig, SpecialtyCare VP-US Sales, stated, “I have not gotten that type of personal note from a client in my career, and it truly made an impact on me. More importantly, it highlighted our incredible ECMO Instructors, their expertise, the work that we are doing, and so much more.”

SpecialtyCare continues to provide support to our hospital partners to enable them to take care of their ECMO patients.  Kirti Patel, VP of Perfusion, stated that “…these education sessions are intense, but the reward of watching people grow into this role is the most rewarding.  Even being an educator for over 20 years, it is still an amazing feeling when students make the connection of concepts right in front of you.”

This week, we celebrate and show appreciation to individuals who support our lifesaving ECMO services across the country! Congratulations to all who participated in the training and best of luck to all who will participate in the future!