SpecialtyCare Leads the Industry in Perfusion Careers as 60% of Americans Are Projected to Have Heart Disease by 2050

The American Heart Association (AHA) recently published a report projecting that 6 in 10 Americans will have some form of cardiovascular disease by the year 2050. This projection comes from “worsening trends” related to important health factors such as diet, exercise, sleep, and maintaining healthy blood pressure, body weight, blood sugar, and blood cholesterol.

The report is also based on demographic shifts in the American population, as more people age and the population becomes more ethnically diverse. Minority groups, including Black, Asian, Hispanic, and Native American populations, tend to have higher rates of cardiovascular risk factors. These heightened risk factors are also found among Americans living in poverty. 

The AHA estimates that rates of hypertension of diabetes will rise by 10% in the next thirty years. They also anticipated that rates of obesity will rise by 17%. By 2050, the total number of people projected to have cardiovascular disease, including hypertension, is 184 million Americans.

“The aging of the population will require attention to workforce and to new approaches to care delivery to ensure adequate capacity to provide high-quality cardiovascular care,” the report states. “Clinical and public health interventions are urgently needed to effectively manage,  stem, and even reverse these adverse trends in [cardiovascular disease] and stroke and should be a priority on the national level.”

How SpecialtyCare Is Rising to the Challenge

The demand for perfusion services will continue to grow based on the growing rate of cardiovascular, respiratory, and chronic diseases; the needs of the aging and diversifying population; the increasing frequency of organ failures and transplants; and innovations in the surgical field.

Every year, only about 150 perfusionists graduate into the workforce every year, and it’s estimated that only 320 perfusion positions are open around the country. Roughly 44% of the active perfusion workforce is over the age of 50, with more than 300 leaving the profession each year.

SpecialtyCare is working to fill these gaps by leading the industry in perfusion services, providing jobs and training for perfusionists. We’re one of the largest providers of cardiovascular clinical services in the US today, and our teams participate in 1 in 7 of all heart surgeries performed in the country each year. In the past five years, we’ve supported nearly 400 hospitals across the US with perfusion, ECMO, and other cardiac surgery services.

Our cardiac services team participates in more than 75,000 heart procedures annually.

We capture patient care metrics and outcomes for every cardiac surgery and procedure we support, maintaining one of the largest databases capturing shareable procedural data in the country. Called SCOPE (the SpecialtyCare Operative Procedural Registry), it’s the largest multi-institutional database of its kind. As an evolving collection of pertinent data, SCOPE allows clinicians to assess best practices, benchmarks, and outcomes regularly in order to optimize processes and offer better options to patients. 

Work With Us as We Make Surgery Safer

We’re poised to grow and meet the demand as the need for cardiovascular services increase, and we’re actively integrating into ORs around the country to help make surgery safer. If your hospital needs more support with perfusion services, contact us today! And if you’re a perfusionist, don’t hesitate to discover what your career could look like if you join our team. We’d love to speak with you!