SpecialtyCare continues to place an important focus on sharing our published research on the role of ECMO in the management of severely ill patients with COVID-19. During this time, we are excited to share this continuing education opportunity for perfusionists across the U.S. Please join our webinar titled: “ECMO for Patients with COVID-19: Challenges, Successes, and Lessons Learned.” 

The session will begin with medical experts Al Stammers, Dr. Jeffrey Jacobs, and Dr. Michael Firstenberg, who recently collaborated with The American Society for Artificial Organs (ASAIO), sharing their recent research to understand the role of ECMO in the management of COVID-19. The remaining 30 minutes will be used for an open discussion for the participants to share their experiences and questions with the panelists and participants. As this pandemic evolves, we welcome fellow perfusionists to join and learn additional ECMO insights, recommendations, and best practices. 

Register HERE: June 4th at 6:30 p.m. ET  

About the Experts:

Jeffrey P. Jacobs, M.D., FACS, FACC, FCCP Dr. Jacobs served as a cardiac surgeon at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital from 1998 – 2019. He was a Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University. He has authored 552 peer reviewed publications, 45 book chapters, and 6 books. He also has extensive experience planning educational meeting programs. Dr. Jacobs performs both pediatric and adult cardiac and thoracic surgery.

Alfred H. Stammers, MSA, PBMS, CCP Emeritus, SpecialtyCare Al focuses on advancing clinical quality through innovation and data analyses that identify industry trends and develop safer, more effective practices and techniques for cardiovascular surgery. He has 35 years of experience as a national leader in cardiopulmonary bypass. He speaks regularly to international audiences, and has over 300 publications on perfusion-related topics.

Michael S. Firstenberg, MD, FACC, The Medical Center of Aurora Dr. Firstenberg is a thoracic surgeon in Aurora, Colorado with more than 20 years of practice. He has edited several books on topics in cardiac surgery, patient safety and, most recently, medical leadership. He has authored numerous book chapters and over 150 peer-reviewed manuscripts. He is a sought-after speaker who travels around the world lecturing on topics in cardiothoracic surgery.


About the Research: 

SpecialtyCare recently published research in collaboration with ASAIO on the role of ECMO in the management of severely ill patients with COVID-19. This initial research group was based on 32 patients across 9 hospitals in 24 days. We plan to build upon this research and continue to share in hopes that it enhances decisions at the bedside. 

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Hear From Our Perfusionists on the Front Lines: 

Tune into SpecialtyCare’s Checking the Vitals podcast for a COVID-19 special edition episode. Courtney Petersen, a Clinical Manager on SpecialtyCare’s perfusion team in Denver shares how caring for patients has changed and how her team is coming together to continue a high level of patient care. She also talks about how the community has come together to support healthcare workers in a unique and thoughtful way. 

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How SpecialtyCare Serves Clients with ECMO: 

SpecialtyCare is a trusted partner and an industry leader in perfusion services. We understand what it takes to set up an OR that is efficient, cost-effective, and staffed properly with the right people and equipment. This knowledge helps us provide the best advice to clients that would either like to establish a new ECMO program or evaluate their current program for improvement. Our staff will provide an assessment and offer the solution that best meets your goals for patient care. If you are a hospital provider interested in discussing how SpecialtyCare can help build your ECMO program, contact us today.