IONM Training Program, 100 grads

We are thrilled to announce the SpecialtyCare IONM training program has graduated its 100th associate. This year-long program combines classroom learning, supervised clinical training, and clinical oversight to prepare new associates for their role in the operating room. Since its formal establishment in 2013, the program has continued to evolve, with the expansion of the curriculum and Med-Ed staff, utilization of our new simulation operating room during fundamental training, and the achievement of national recognition from ABRET early last year. With approval as a recognized program, our surgical neurophysiology trainees gain Pathway IV test eligibility for ABRET’s Certification in Neurophysiologic Intraoperative Neuromonitoring (CNIM).

Congratulations to Alex Wolf for being our 100th graduate! We look forward to welcoming several more trainees this year, and we are so proud that our graduates contribute clinical excellence to our IONM service line and the industry as a whole.

Here is our interview with Alex:

IONM training 100th grad

(L to R) IONM training program grads Alex Wolf, Kelly Paris, and Jennifer Fleming

What led you to an interest in healthcare, and more specifically, the IONM field?

As an individual with prior experience in neuroscience research and patient care, I wanted to find a position that would allow me to apply my neuroscience knowledge to helping people in a meaningful way.  I enjoyed working in a healthcare setting alongside talented and caring individuals in the past, and the problem-solving nature of the IONM interested me.

What attracted you to SpecialtyCare?

SpecialtyCare is a company known for being a leader in the field, but their patient-focused approach is what made SpecialtyCare the right fit for me.  In a field that seems increasingly impersonal and profit-driven, SC emphasizes the importance of patient outcomes and relationships.

What did you learn in the IONM training program that will be most valuable to you on the job?

I have found that a strong fundamental understanding of IONM modalities and how they apply to human anatomy has been crucial to being a capable clinician in the field.  Julie Trott and Kristina Young were fantastic instructors that prioritized understanding over memorization.  This strong knowledge base made preparing for the CNIM and learning to troubleshoot stress-free.

What advice would you give someone who is considering a career in IONM?

I think the best advice would be to speak to someone that has spent some time in the field.  An ability to adapt to changing environments and problem-solving skills have been attributes that I have found to be important.  Lastly, I would say a thirst for knowledge and concern for patients seem to be important in long-term success in the IONM field.

What are your goals and aspirations for your IONM career?

I would like to continue to learn and improve my skills as a clinician.  When training with experienced clinicians it is clear how impactful they can be in improving patient care.  I would like to gain the ability to monitor more advanced cases, and someday be a resource for new clinicians to turn to like Dave Cabrera, Sherrie Griffith, and Kelly Paris.

Where are you currently employed?

I currently cover the South Georgia region and do a fair amount of travel through Georgia and northern Florida.  I have enjoyed learning the profession while meeting talented individuals with a passion for IONM.

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