Surgical Neurophysiologist Job Openings in Kansas: Wichita and Kansas City

By joining SpecialtyCare, you become a very important part of the surgical and patient care teams, supporting patient diagnosis in the clinic, spine surgery, neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery, vascular surgery, and other procedures. Surgeons and physicians have come to trust our team’s skills, knowledge, and judgment during these complex procedures because we are trustworthy, we demonstrate competency and reassurance, and we provide the highest quality feedback with the highest quality of standards in the industry.

At SpecialtyCare, our commitment to patient care includes our Clinical Quality Indicator Program, which tracks neuromonitoring performance and then uses the data to innovate and identify opportunities for improvement. By being a part of such a large number of procedures under complex conditions and by working with world-class surgeons, our surgical neurophysiologists and monitoring physicians are the most experienced in the industry.

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Centrally-located Kansas, the Sunflower State, boasts of large cities and scenic prairielands. Living there means you can enjoy the unique attractions of urban centers in addition to a cost of living that is lower than the national average. Wichita and Kansas City are all top choices in Kansas with plenty to experience if you like nature, history, sports, and culture. 

If you’re a Surgical Neurophysiologist interested in an IONM job opportunity with SpecialtyCare, we have openings in Wichita and Kansas City. Here’s what you could expect from living in one of those cities.

What You’ll Enjoy in Wichita, KS

Wichita is the largest city in Kansas, and it’s a perfect haven for those interested in history, art, and nature. Attractions include the Museum of World Treasures, the Kansas Aviation Museum, the Old Cowtown Museum, and two art museums: the Wichita Art Museum and the Ulrich Museum of Art. For a nature tour, you can take a stroll through the beautiful Wichita Gardens or head down the Arkansas River Trail. For a family outing, you could visit the Sedgwick County Zoo, the Toy Train Museum, or historic Oldtown. Oldtown is a popular urban center that hosts over 100 businesses, and its walkable nature makes it an attractive place for farmer’s markets, art markets, shopping, and dining.

Wichita is full of historical sites and centers where you can learn more about native Americans, US history, and the history of the city. Plus, you can always get a delightful dose of modern history by visiting the original Pizza Hut location.

What You’ll Enjoy in Kansas City

Kansas City is a popular metropolis with plenty of entertainment and day-trip attractions. Though it’s two separately incorporated cities, residents can easily enjoy the benefits of both the Kansas side and the Missouri side. The city is known for barbeque, which you can sample at restaurants like Joe’s Kansas City Barbeque and Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque. If you’re a sports fan, you can always watch the Royals play at Kauffman Stadium and head to Arrowhead Stadium to root for the Chiefs. Planning a family outing? The Kansas City Zoo or Science City at Union Station are perfect options.

For entertainment, visit the Power and Light District, where you can eat, shop, and hit the KC Live venue, which hosts a number of concerts and performances throughout the year. You’ll also want to take your friends and family to the City Market, where you can eat, explore pop-up shops, and visit the Arabia Steamboat Museum. The great thing about Kansas City is that not only can you find your favorite places and make them part of your routine, but you can continue to experience what’s up and coming in the city.

Work in Kansas as a Surgical Neurophysiologist

As a Surgical Neurophysiologist, you may find that Kansas is a great place to live and work. SpecialtyCare, a premier allied healthcare provider, offers top-tier IONM jobs — and we have opportunities in Wichita and Kansas City for talented clinicians like you. We’re the largest provider of IONM services in the US, and we would love to have you on board. Click here to learn more about the specifications of the job and to apply