Surgical Neurophysiologist Needed in Mobile, Alabama

Are you looking for a unique opportunity to work with one of the most experienced IONM teams in the industry? SpecialtyCare is seeking a surgical neurophysiologist to join their team in Mobile, Alabama. 

Life in Mobile, Alabama

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IONM Careers in Mobile, AL, through SpecialtyCare

SpecialtyCare continues to grow, and we’d like you to grow with us. If you’re looking for a new opportunity to build your career as a surgical neurophysiologist, we can provide you with job placements in cities like Mobile, AL. In addition to Mobile’s rich history, delicious cuisine, cultural melting pot, robust music scene, and charming nightlife, SpecialtyCare can provide you with a flexible work-life balance and leadership opportunities. A career with us allows you to share your acquired expertise with your colleagues and customers while providing safer surgery and better outcomes for your patients. Check out our complete list of IONM careers and opportunities

Position Requirements and Valued Competencies

The successful candidate must bring a high level of ethical, intellectual, professional, and personal values that complement the team and company vision. 

Position Requirements:

  • CNIM and/or D.ABNM certification required. 
  • Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate Degree in a science-related field required. 
  • Two years minimum of experience. Five plus years of experience preferred. 
  • Ability to work on Call. 

Valued Competencies:

  • Focused on clinical quality and delivering the absolute best results for patients.
  • Ability to adapt and thrive in a high-stress environment necessary.
  • Excellent communication skills and basic computer skills are essential. 
  • Proven self-starter who works well independently and as a part of the OR team. 
  • Lives the SpecialtyCare Values  – Integrity, Respect, Teamwork, Sense of Urgency, Continuous Improvement, and Accountability.

SpecialtyCare is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer and employment with SpecialtyCare is at-will.