The Importance of Patient Experience Through Proper Staffing

There’s no easy way around it: staffing shortages are impacting patient safety and experience. A quality patient experience leaves a positive impact on patients and their families, as well as healthcare facilities. Above all, patients want value and high-quality care. The quality of your patient experience reflects your hospital’s ability to retain and attract new patients, but this will be hard to come by if you’re struggling to keep a full staff. With proper staffing, it’s much easier for medical practitioners and patients to form a positive relationship, a sense of loyalty, and increase patient retention rates.

The Importance of Improving the Patient Experience Through Staffing

Proper staffing can impact a healthcare facility in the following ways:

1. The Organization’s Reputation Will Improve

Patients can easily access a hospital’s reviews online. They often compare reviews amongst other hospitals before choosing which one suits them and their needs best. Referrals are also beneficial since the healthcare sector has become increasingly competitive. A hospital’s reputation can significantly impact its approval rating.

Most patients choose a healthcare provider based on other patients’ experiences. With increased transparency, healthcare organizations can see what other people are saying about their staffing and management. When a healthcare organization improves its patient experience, a loyal customer base can progressively grow. 

2. The Healthcare Organization’s Revenue Will Grow

Insurance companies rely heavily on patients’ experience when determining the services offered by different healthcare organizations. These two entities partner together to determine the quality of services offered based on a series of factors.

To some extent, reimbursement can play a crucial role in improving the bottom line of any organization. Nonetheless, the real value comes about when an organization attains patient satisfaction. In a lifetime, a patient has a value of at least $1.4 million. When the patient has an unpleasant experience, the value shifts elsewhere. 

3. Patient Engagement Increases

When patients have a quality experience thanks to proper staffing, people close to them will likely engage more. Increased engagement can decrease the chances of medical error and the length of a patient’s stay. When clinical indicators are at peak quality, pain management and mental and emotional health will improve. 

By ensuring a good relationship between healthcare providers and patients, there’s a greater chance that patients will ask more questions. They will also more likely comply with treatment measures recommended to them. 

Why is Timely Patient Feedback Important?

By utilizing patient reports, it’s possible to improve their overall experience. Nonetheless, traditional data collection might slow the process because the limited information that patients provide isn’t as helpful.

To maximize patient information, feedback should be collected in a timely manner and everything can be done in a timely manner when your hospital is well-staffed. Access to real-time data ensures more benefits. If possible, healthcare facilities should provide data within 24-72 hours after the patient’s treatment. Real-time data ensures improved response rates, and this feedback ensures the patient’s experience is better understood. 

Healthcare organizations should stay up-to-date with emerging trends. It’s also important to keep track of potential challenges that could arise and practical solutions.

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