Life in the OR

Life in the OR

For this edition of Life in the OR, we are thrilled to highlight Anthony (Tony) Brown, clinical manager for SpecialtyCare’s Midwest ATS-MISS operations. Tony has been a dedicated member of the SpecialtyCare family for 23 years! He and his team are responsible for the daily setup of cases relating to laparoscopic procedures, which includes all of the instrumentation. He is on the front line when it comes to any surgeon concerns and he acts as the liaison between the OR director and SpecialtyCare leadership. And this is in addition to daily scheduling of his direct reports and fielding any questions or concerns throughout the day.

Recently Tony was honored for his acute attention to detail, receiving the “Good Catch” award from hospital administration. Following a procedure, and after the patient was wheeled out of the OR, Tony discovered that a piece of an instrument was missing. He immediately alerted the first assist and surgeon, who completed an x-ray on the patient and confirmed there was, in fact, a foreign object inside the body. His supervisor Brendan Coady, director of operations, Midwest ATS-MISS, praised his efforts for intervening quickly to help the patient avoid any post-surgery issues. He said, “Tony has shown consistency and dedication to his craft for over 20 years and still has a passion for excellence and patient care.”

Tony Brown

Tony Brown (Center) with team members Dan Bickel (L), Michael Evans (R)

How did you get into healthcare?

I have always had an interest in the medical field. I enrolled in the Surgical Technology Program to assume a scrub tech position at DePaul Health Center prior to working for SpecialtyCare.

What are some challenges that come with your job?

The hardest part about my job is continuing to focus on upcoming technology and bringing administration into the fold, allowing them to see our value in the operating room.

What do you love about your job?

I love the interaction of OR Staff and our clinical techs as well as executing our job duties in order to achieve patient satisfaction.

What career advice do you have for someone early in their career?

I would advise employees in their early years to keep an open mind, take in all of the advantages, and explore all that the company has to offer.