Top 4 Reasons to be a Neurophysiologist in Miami

SpecialtyCare is currently hiring for surgical neurophysiologists in Miami, Florida. You read that right. If you’re an IONM specialist with experience, you could be packing your bags for warmer weather, sunny beaches, and an all-around metropolitan paradise. Join us as we cover the top reasons why you should consider Miami while joining one of the top IONM teams in the U.S.

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1) Hit Those Waters Anytime

Miami has dozens of beaches to enjoy all over the area, and they’re all open to the public. Whether you’re looking for something crowded or more isolated, the beaches cater to all tastes and events. Lummus Park Beach (located on the eastern side of Ocean Drive) is a local favorite, with perfect spots for sunbathing and watching the volleyball games. South Pointe Park Pier, another popular spot, is part of a 17-acre park with a playground and fishing pier. Whatever spot ends up being your favorite, it’s probably loaded with activities like biking, rollerblading, jet-skiing, water-skiing, paddle boating, and all the other water games you can think of.

 2) Food Culture

The food scene in Miami is like no other in the U.S., and it’s all about the Latin American cuisine. From Cuban coffee and cocktails to traditional cuisine from across the Caribbean and Latin America, the city is all about the exotic. With hundreds of restaurants ranging from Puerto Rican, Colombian, Argentinian and Ecuadorian, there’s an option for every night of the week. Or grab a dog while catching a game with the MLB Marlins, the NFL Dolphins, or the NBA Heat.

3) The Keys Are Just a Boat Ride Away

If the hopping city of Miami ever gets to be too much and you need a break, you can hop on a ferry (or fly or drive) down to the Keys, the southern-most point of America for a little R and R. Chill with a drink in your hand and soak in the laid-back island vibes. Or take a convertible ride down to Key West on the Overseas Highway, an unforgettable route overlooking the ocean. Virginia Key is also a short drive from Miami and is home to some breathtaking beaches.

4) Tax Breaks

There’s a reason so many people flock to Florida, and it’s not just the comfortable weather and affordable housing. Moving to Miami means no more income tax, inheritance tax or estate taxes. And the most popular of all is the more favorable tax structure for retirees, with no taxes whatsoever on social security benefits. The city is a good fit even when thinking long term.