Top 5 Reasons to be a Neurophysiologist in Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia. Everybody knows of it, and chances are you may have even visited once or twice. One of the biggest cities in the southeastern U.S. and by far the biggest city in the state of Georgia, Atlanta is home to over 486,000 people. SpecialtyCare is currently hiring there for a neurophysiologist with a fantastic benefits package. If you’re certified and have already spent time in the IONM field, this may be the job for you. Let’s take a look at the most appealing reasons to move to Atlanta for those of you thinking of a locale change.

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1) The Entertainment Scene

Outside of New York and LA, Atlanta’s entertainment scene is tough to beat, especially in the south. First, there’s the film scene. Atlanta is now the southern hub for film and TV. This means a big boost for the Atlanta Film Festival which hosts around 200 films every year. And when a Broadway musical comes to the south or a big musician tours the region, it’s a safe bet they’ll be stopping in Atlanta. The city plays host to awesome music venues like Tabernacle, Variety Playhouse, and Infinite Energy Arena, a 13,000 seater that’s hosted U2 and Paul McCartney.

2) Sports

Major city means major sports franchises. We couldn’t write about Atlanta without mentioning the Braves. With 17 National League Pennants and 3 World Series titles, the Braves play host to 41,000 fans every Spring/Summer. Not much of a baseball fan? Don’t forget the Falcons with a recent NFC championship and Super Bowl appearance. And NBA fans always have the Hawks. The city also hosts a professional soccer team and a professional lacrosse team as well.

3) Gorgeous Weather

Atlanta has the benefit of being one of the few large cities in the southeast, which means a more comfortable climate for most of the year. The average temperature is above 70 degrees from April to October, and the city doesn’t see harsh winters either. Even the average high in January is just 53 degrees. Atlanta also enjoys 217 sunny days a year, well above the national average.

 4) Great Restaurants

From soul food to international cuisine, the city is known for offering every type of food under the sun. No one has to settle for national chains in Atlanta with popular local choices always available. There are newer hotspots such as Watchman’s Seafood and Spirits and Local Green, and there are reliable staples like the White Bull or C. Ellet’s across from the Braves stadium.

5) Low Cost of Living

Despite being the ninth-largest city in the United States with a population of 5.45 million people, Atlanta still remains an affordable city. According to, a single person’s average monthly costs are $988.20 without rent and for a family of four $3,532.25.