What’s It Like to Be a Surgical Neurophysiologist in Colorado Springs?

If you’re a surgical neurophysiologist considering making Colorado Springs, CO, your home, there are a few things about the area that you’ll want to know. If you’re moving there for work, you’ll want to make sure you’re in short proximity to your hospital and are prepped for the weather. Colorado is a beautiful state, especially if you love skiing, cool weather, and incredible vistas.


A Nature Lover’s Paradise

If you’re a nature buff moving to Colorado Springs, you will relish the opportunity to be local to renowned sites such as the Garden of the Gods and Pike’s Peak. You should also spend time at Seven Falls and Red Canyon, which offer tours or quiet hikes through stunning rock formations and mountainsides. You’ll be able to get outside often since the climate regularly offers pristine sunny days and a total lack of humidity. In Colorado Springs, you’ll have no problem getting in your exercise once your shift at the hospital is over.

Athletic Culture

Speaking of exercise, Colorado Springs is home to Air Force and Army military bases and the US Olympic Center, contributing to the outdoorsy and athletic culture of the city. People love to be active, so you will find many healthy restaurants and eateries as well as a plethora of health spas and gyms. You’ll also notice the abundance of medical centers, another reason why it’s a great place to find work as a surgical neurophysiologist.

Good Food (and Festivals)

Colorado Springs offers many different cuisines, especially German, thanks to the large German population that calls this city home. In addition to eating German food year-round at different eateries, you’ll be able to attend Oktoberfest celebrations long before October hits. But if you’re not a fan of bratwurst (or meat in general), you won’t fail to find restaurants with vegetarian and vegan options. And after a big hike, you will want a big brunch — and Colorado Springs has breakfast delights in abundance.

Work in Colorado Springs as a Surgical Neurophysiologist

If you’re interested in working in Colorado Springs, CO, as a surgical neurophysiologist, get in touch with us at SpecialtyCare. We’re a premier allied health provider with access to top-tier surgical assignments across the country. Colorado Springs has a lot to offer, so if you’re ready to make the move, there’s one more thing you need to know: “Colorado Springs” is more of a formal name — locals just say “The Springs.”