Why Specialty Care Is the Top Choice for Your ECMO Needs

SpecialtyCare has increased its experience and national reach over the years, becoming a thought leader in perfusion and ECMO services. We have over 100 ECMO programs and over 1,000 procedures every year, holding the most extensive database to capture shareable procedural data. This data helps hospitals benchmark their ECMO program to help improve ECMO programs nationwide. SpecialtyCare sets the standard for safe, cost-effective, and highly trained ECMO programs. 

ECMO Research 

A recent study evaluated the cost of nurse-led versus perfusion-led extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. Results showed that perfusion-led ECMO is more cost-effective, yielding low utilization, smaller case volume, and shorter duration. Results also showed that nurse-led ECMO is more cost-conscious once annual case volume exceeds ten and patients’ mean duration exceeds ten days. SpecialtyCare has the expertise to evaluate your ECMO program and help meet your facility’s needs.

Treating COVID-19 Patients with ECMO

SpecialtyCare is leading the way in research on supporting COVID-19 patients with ECMO. We maintain a database on all patients supported with ECMO, which is included in SpecialtyCare’s Operative Procedural Registry (SCOPE) — the largest multi-institutional database of its kind. 

ECMO Support Services from SpecialtyCare

With an extensive network of ECMO knowledge, experience, and resources, SpecialtyCare has the reach and capability to support your unique ECMO needs. We provide a complete ECMO training program, where your specialists will receive didactic training, wet-labs and bed-percepting, and continuing education from SpecialtyCare trainers and mentors. We also ensure compliance and standardization of care through initial and annual competency validation. 

SpecialtyCare can manage a broad range of ECMO services, including:

  • Operations and Staffing Power
  • Medical Department
  • Quality Program
  • Human Resources
  • Credentialing 
  • Compliance 
  • Education
  • Equipment and Supply Management 

Our ECMO services are easily scalable to support 10 or 100 procedures every year. We value our unique relationships with manufacturers who ensure our partners receive preferential service in supply shortages, accessing top-of-the-line technology and exceptional pricing. 

Improving Your ECMO Program

SpecialtyCare can help you manage patients well while also managing an excellent ECMO program. Hospital administration and clinical leaders often underestimate the challenges of labor intensity. 

Many hospitals don’t have institutional knowledge of extracorporeal patient care with national resources strained and understanding challenging to acquire. While many hospitals already struggle with strained resources, their clinical team doesn’t have the bandwidth to take on additional duties and responsibilities. However, when they do, they can’t make it a primary focus. This is where SpecialtyCare can help. 

SpecialtyCare will help your facility with personnel management, ELSO and SCOPE data abstraction, ECMO patient monitoring management, circuits and incident troubleshooting, and equipment and supply management.

Developing a successful ECMO program is the first step when managing starts and transfers of heart transplants. Next, thoughtfully developing and planning the transfer process includes selecting suitable partner hospitals, aligning administrative and clinical leadership, and aligning equipment and supply. SpecialtyCare will help facilitate and grow with your hospital’s staff as they develop a transfer process. 

About SpecialtyCare

SpecialtyCare is dedicated to providing an exceptional patient experience, becoming the OR employer of choice, and leading the way in OR innovation.