Status quo is never enough

At SpecialtyCare, we believe there is always room for improvement in healthcare and the operating room.


Continuous Improvement in Healthcare & the Operating Room

At SpecialtyCare, we believe there is always room for improvement—status quo is never enough. We strive to deliver the best patient care, always. That’s why we were among the first surgical outsourcing providers to develop and implement quality indicators to objectively measure and analyze clinical performance and outcomes. These benchmarks help us and our customers assess performance and drive improvement. In striving for continuous improvement, you have to stay ahead of industry trends and build a team that is highly skilled and passionate about moving the needle forward.

This is what SpecialtyCare does best. We have the experience, the research, and data that comes from supporting over 400,000 procedures across the U.S. each year.

Driving Continuous Improvement with Training

We invest a large amount of time and resources into SpecialtyCare University to provide superior training of our clinicians and technicians. Through classroom work, lectures, and time in the simulation operating room, our goal is to increase knowledge and build confidence in our staff. We want our associates to confidently walk into any OR and be fully prepared for any procedure.

We also encourage professional growth. For those that want to grow their career, we offer professional development funds and tuition reimbursement and assistance programs. A strong, educated and skilled healthcare workforce is essential.

Research, Data and Collaboration

SpecialtyCare is a company driven by data. Data is collected for every procedure through SpecialtyCare Operative Procedural Registry, SCOPE™, the largest national multi-institutional database of its kind. Our medical department continues to refine and enhance SpecialtyCare’s online dashboards, benchmarks, and analytics driving continuous improvement in clinical delivery, operational expense, and efficiency.

Understanding Your Needs

As a partner of SpecialtyCare, you can expect excellent customer service and ongoing communication to ensure we are meeting all of your expectations. That’s why we implemented an enhanced customer service methodology called “Clinical Partners for Life,” which includes collaborative milestone meetings to prioritize expectations, measure progress, and define value. Together, we build a foundation for collaboration and provide a measurable and actionable results.

Measuring Your Satisfaction and Maximizing Your Return on Investment

In today’s healthcare environment, excellence demands more than just great clinical outcomes—it requires efficient operation and cost-effective care as well. That’s why our continuous improvement efforts also focus on the non-clinical components of your OR. We measure customer satisfaction through regular qualitative and quantitative surveys. The results are used to create and implement action plans for continuous improvement.

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Visit our YouTube page to learn more about our service lines and how SpecialtyCare associates play a critical role in 1,100 hospitals across the county. You’ll find interviews with leaders and data experts in perfusion, IONM, surgical services, and sterile processing.



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