AmSECT Announces Winners of the SpecialtyCare Medical Mission Fund


Three students will receive the $25,000 endowment donation from SpecialtyCare, and this fund will go directly towards the remuneration for airfare and lodging towards a medical mission of their choice.

Earlier this year, we announced, in honor of Al Stammers receiving The John H. Gibbon Jr. Award, a partnership with AmSECT to launch the SpecialtyCare Medical Mission Fund that will provide an endowment to support perfusionists wishing to travel abroad for medical missions. AmSECT and SpecialtyCare believe in both the continued innovation of the field and the professional needs of extracorporeal technology here and abroad. 

AmSECT will administer the $25,000 endowment donation from SpecialtyCare, and this fund will go directly towards the remuneration for airfare and lodging. Unlike other mission funds and scholarships that are often awarded to students, the SpecialtyCare Medical Mission Fund will be offered to practicing perfusionists who desire the opportunity to share their skills abroad with those in need.

The 2021 recipients of the SpecialtyCare Medical Mission Fund include:

Meet the Winners

Johnson Anthony

“It is an honor to be the recipient of the 2021 SpecialtyCare Medical Mission Fund, in honor of Al Stammers receiving The John H. Gibbon Jr. Award. I hope to make a difference in the lives of the people we are going to serve. I am grateful to SpecialtyCare, AmSECT and the AmSECT Foundation for making this possible.”

Allyson Aquino

“Mission trips are a wonderful opportunity to share knowledge, but they fall short of the broader goal of improving patient care if we do not help one another around the world to constantly develop and innovate our practices as an international community.”

Audrey Barba

“Winning this scholarship will allow me to continue with my involvement with pediatric cardiac medical mission work around the world. By staying active on these philanthropic trips, I hope to bring the skills, technology, and knowledge to help cure and care for children with congenital heart disease in these developing nations. I hope to make a difference in finding a cost-effective long-term solution to this issue. Being able to show my passion and dedication to the care of others is at the heart of who I am.”

Over the years, SpecialtyCare has partnered with many of our hospitals and surgeons to attend vital medical mission trips. We understand that our character is based on how we behave in the face of adversity, and we are purposeful about our intent to support those who wish to attend our medical mission trips to areas of need. Emergencies strike near and far, and our teams have been quick to respond both nationally and internationally. Among the trips we have supported and sent teams to include Louisiana, Puerto Rico, Barbados, and Moldova. In each scenario, needs were met on a basis catered specifically to each geographic and cultural climate. We understand that not every nation has the same access to advanced technology, so it is our honor to continue the efforts to bridge that gap in the medical field. 

Congratulations to all recipients!

With the continued growth of SpecialtyCare, we are thrilled to include this endowment as additional assistance to those involved and, in turn, we can continue to prioritize the importance of taking care of each other while we collectively take care of others.

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