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More than just the leading allied health service provider, SpecialtyCare is investing in research, data, education, and more.


As a leader in allied health, SpecialtyCare CARES about its partners, patients, and associates. It is our privilege to help support and develop future leaders in the medical field by funding medical missions each year. Through this initiative, we strive to promote our sense of Community, Access, Responsibility, Education, and Service with a variety of opportunities.

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SpecialtyCare is leading the way in allied health education, training, and leadership development.


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SpecialtyCare is a leading provider of allied health services and data collection. This means we have our pulse on the industry and a beat on innovation in the healthcare space. Read our blog for updates and news from the OR.

10 Benefits of PLIF Surgery: A Comprehensive Guide

Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion, or PLIF surgery, is a highly effective procedure designed to alleviate chronic back pain and improve spinal stability.

The Truth About Autotransfusion: Can It Be Used for Cancer and C-Section?
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checking the vitals HEALTHCARE PODCAST

In this medical podcast, we will dive deep into the healthcare space, from the people that dedicate their lives to patient care to the companies improving patient outcomes through innovation. From well-respected surgeons and thought leaders to those on the front lines of healthcare, we’ll bring you conversations with those making a difference both in the OR and beyond. Through in-depth interviews with nurses, sterile processing technicians, clinical managers, and even healthcare technology companies and startups, we’ll discuss what’s on the horizon in the industry in regards to careers, technology, and innovation. The heartbeat of healthcare is strong and ever-changing, and we look forward to bringing you both the latest trends and the personal stories of those whose lives have been touched by healthcare professionals. Listen to the latest episodes of Checking the Vitals, a healthcare podcast focused on innovation.



One of our core values at SpecialtyCare is continuous improvement. One way we do this is to invest in the professional growth of our people. Our commitment to dedicating resources to high-quality education and training programs sets us apart from others in the industry. It’s true that knowledge is power. And we believe that in the OR, knowledge is confidence, it is trust, and most importantly, it is lifesaving. Our patients deserve the very best, and we promise to deliver.


find the right perfusion school for you

Perfusion is a hidden gem among in the medical industry, offering incredible career opportunities for those entering the medical field or for anyone considering a career change. If you have a bachelor’s degree in a medical or science field, such as chemistry, biology, or medical technology, we encourage you to consider perfusion school as your next step. View our perfusion school directory to get started.



SpecialtyCare’s commitment to ECMO services is a response to growing needs, and we continue to evolve our ECMO service line to support hospitals across the country with staffing, consulting, and structured educational programs. As the largest ECMO provider nationwide, SpecialtyCare is excited to launch an online ECMO training platform. Designed by a team of ECMO industry experts with over 100 years combined experience, you will be able to work at your own pace in a kinesthetic learning experience.


IONM training program

SpecialtyCare is dedicated to hiring talented and motivated people who are eager to learn and start a career in this exciting and rewarding field. As a SpecialtyCare surgical neurophysiologist, you will be in a great position to grow your career while working with highly skilled physicians, audiologists, and surgical teams in a variety of clinical settings and locations. To get you to that point, we offer full-time, salaried employment coupled with a structured and progressive one-year training program that features a combination of classroom work, laboratory practicums, online instruction and practical training in the OR.


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Find exclusive SpecialtyCare merchandise spanning our entire service line offerings. This includes t-shirts, athletic wear, hoodies, stickers, and many other accessories.



At SpecialtyCare, we are exceptionally proud to have a leadership team that is highly regarded by their peers and by thought leaders in the medical community, with authored or co-authored published works in the world’s most credible medical journals. Their expertise and high-level research in the areas of perfusion and intraoperative neuromonitoring continue to impact the quality of patient care.


SCOPE: SpecialtyCare Operative Procedural Registry™

More than 1,200 hospitals and 13,500 physicians trust SpecialtyCare to help them achieve better patient outcomes and improved financial results. With nearly 1,800 clinicians supporting over 500,000 procedures every year, we are able to collect a tremendous amount of data along the way. That’s why we have SCOPE™, the SpecialtyCare Operative Procedural Registry.



SpecialtyCare is proud to announce we are partnering with Corazon to support hospital clients across the country with the ultimate goal of ensuring positive patient outcomes and care. Corazon is the national leader in program development for the Heart, Vascular, Neuroscience, Spine, Orthopedic, and Surgical specialties, offering services in Consulting, Recruitment, Physician / Executive Recruitment, Interim Management, and Accreditation. As the industry leader in Perfusion, ECMO, and Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Professional Services, SpecialtyCare is thrilled to begin working with Corazon immediately to support the needs of hospital clients. If you are interested in learning more about how we can assist you through a brief consultative discussion, please reach out to us.