At SpecialtyCare, we pride ourselves on the remarkable individuals who form the backbone of our organization. As we celebrate Autotransfusion Week 2024, we take a moment to shine a spotlight on one of our exceptional associates who embodies dedication, innovation, and passion in their career. Meet ATS Clinical Manager, Cesar Jaime, a shining example of the excitement and fulfillment that a career in autotransfusion can offer.

What Inspired You to Pursue a Career in Autotransfusion and Join SpecialtyCare?

“I was very enthusiastic about the ability to change my work desk daily and see different hospitals, joining SpecialtyCare was the cherry on top.”

What Specific Skills Do You Believe Are Essential for Success in Autotransfusion Procedures?

“While there are many great traits an individual will hold to succeed, I would say having a team player attitude and strong work ethic that focuses on the quality of YOUR product will really push you further in any field.”

How Do You Stay Updated with the Latest Advancements and Techniques in Autotransfusion?

“Some call it Policies and Procedures, others call it Google, I stay updated through Melody Davis and Julia Carrigan, awesome management who truly care about what we do as a whole.”

Can You Share a Challenging Case You’ve Encountered in ATS and How You Resolved It?

“Holding an 8 lb. lead and jumping from room to room; it has become a rite of passage to all who earn the Eastbay stripes and badges.”

Collaboration is Key in Healthcare. Can You Discuss a Time When You Effectively Collaborated with Other Healthcare Professionals During an Autotransfusion Procedure?

“Our very own David Markel was quick to catch a patient Heparin Allergy after going through our pre-op checklist and immediately brought this to the attention of the anesthesia staff, finding a substitute in great timing.”

Patient Safety is Paramount. How Do You Ensure Proper Patient Assessment and Monitoring During Autotransfusion?

“We strive to always keep an eye out for contraindications and communicate effectively with our anesthesiologist and surgeon.”

In Your Opinion, What Are the Most Common Misconceptions About Autotransfusion, and How Do You Address Them?

“I have had the pleasure to work with my colleague, Brandon Garcia, at an inservice where we clarified our role and many applications we cover as ATS clinicians.”

Working in Healthcare Can Be Stressful. What is Something You Do to Fill Up Your Own Cup?

“I build relationships with surgical staff, my fellow team, and my surgeons.”

Can You Discuss the Importance of Quality Control and Compliance in Autotransfusion Procedures?

“It is key that we take our role and responsibility seriously. Quality control is just a way to document and prove it to them.”

Continuous Learning is Crucial in Healthcare. How Do You Pursue Ongoing Education and Professional Development in Autotransfusion?

“I find that online classes are best with our downtime that we are able to enjoy as ATS clinicians.”

How Do You Handle Stressful Situations or Emergencies During Autotransfusion Procedures?

“With a good cup of coffee and a readiness attitude to handle my role exceptionally and assist others when able to.”

What is Something You Love About Your Team?

“Our plan is to bring community and ingenuity. If we all can help each other learn with the tools we have, the sky is the limit.”

What Would You Say to Someone Considering a Career in ATS?

“If you value integrity, care, teamwork, and improvement in a company, then you align with the bigger picture that SpecialtyCare provides. Plus, we meet a lot of awesome people. 😊”

As we celebrate Autotransfusion Week, let’s recognize the dedication and passion of professionals like Cesar Jamie who are shaping the future of healthcare with their expertise and commitment. Join us in honoring their contributions and considering the exciting opportunities that await in the field of autotransfusion at SpecialtyCare.