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SpecialtyCare is the premier employer in allied healthcare services and those that support them. We work with and train the best and brightest in perfusion, IONM, ECMO, surgical assist, minimally invasive surgical support, deep brain stimulation, and more. Passionate, driven people dedicated to making a difference in healthcare.



SpecialtyCare offers rewarding careers in the operating room.

We are a people company. Everything starts and ends with our people. We continuously challenge the status quo to improve, innovate, and lead–and never settle for less. This doesn’t happen by chance and it doesn’t happen without a talented team that is highly engaged in the pursuit of excellence. Exceptional care and positive patient outcomes require team members intensely dedicated to collaborating and driving excellence at every turn. This is who we are. Passionate, driven people dedicated to making a difference in healthcare.

Every day, we dedicate ourselves to providing compassionate, high-quality clinical care and support to patients and our customers nationwide—believing there should never have to be a choice between the quality of care for patients and the success of the hospital. We’ve earned this reputation over the years by providing exceptional care and by living our values, and we continue to strengthen this reputation in every interaction with our customers, patients, and each other. In short, we promise our customers the certainty of exceptional care in the OR.

This doesn’t happen by chance. It requires highly talented, ambitious associates who want to be part of a team that takes leadership seriously. In fact, at SpecialtyCare, we refer to our employees as associates because we believe that the word “associate” is a better description of how we relate to one another as we pursue our common objectives.


Corporate Careers with SpecialtyCare

Exceptional care and positive patient outcomes require team members passionately dedicated to collaborating and driving excellence at every turn. At SpecialtyCare, our corporate and administrative staff play an integral role in health care delivery because of the work they do to support our clinicians all across the country. And, because everyone makes a difference, we want top talent in every position. This team includes credentialing, human resources, administration, marketing, revenue management, information services, and more! With our outstanding work environment and our focus on people as one of our critical success factors, we are very committed to you, your career, and your success.

Careers in Perfusion

SpecialtyCare has the largest professional group of perfusionists in the country. Our clinicians are educated, highly trained, and experienced. Everyone is certified through the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion, obtains state licensure when required (depending on the state), and meets specific facility requirements. Applicants to our perfusion program must have completed a two-year master’s degree, a post-bachelor two-year training program, or be board certified. New graduates have two years after hire to achieve board certification.

We provide support for our perfusionists with the certification exams and continuing education opportunities through CEU-eligible industry events. Our experienced perfusionists enjoy training and mentoring new graduates, and we ensure that all of our clinicians remain current through regular clinical and non-clinical competency evaluations.

Careers in IONM

IONM is an ever-evolving field and we are looking for people with an interest in helping us to grow our practice. SpecialtyCare’s surgical neurophysiologists are required to become certified in Neurophysiologic Intraoperative Monitoring (CNIM) and we have more Diplomates of the American Board of Neurophysiologic Monitoring (DABNM) than any other neuromonitoring provider.

As a member of the IONM team, you can be a part of surgical teams across America, supporting cardiothoracic surgery, spine surgery, neurosurgery, vascular surgery, and other procedures. Surgeons have come to trust our IONM team for their knowledge and judgment during these complex procedures because we supply trustworthy support and the highest quality standards in the industry.

Careers in ECMO

SpecialtyCare is meeting the increase in use of ECMO in adult cases by creating more training opportunities. Perfusionists and nurses who are interested in expanding their careers should consider learning more about our ECMO services.

Careers in Deep Brain Stimulation

Surgeons rely on our highly experienced, PhD-trained DBS specialists who perform one in eight DBS procedures in the U.S.—more than 800 procedures each year. Our DBS team provides unmatched expertise in microelectrode recording (MER) and stimulation mapping techniques to optimize patient outcomes while minimizing stimulation-induced side effects.

Careers in Neurodiagnostics

Our neurodiagnostic technicians are highly trained and will learn to work in the operating room with numerous procedures. Here are the three main neurodiagnostic procedures our technicians oversee:

Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound- TCD determines the blood flow in the major arteries in the brain. It’s a non-evasive exam that produces results quickly. TCD is useful in detecting brain disease and evaluating stroke or TIA.

Carotid Duplex Ultrasound- CD provides important information about the carotid arteries and blood flow to the brain. It’s used to detect possible arterial disease.

Electroencephalography- An EEG is used to record electrical activity in the brain, similar to how an EKG records heart activity. An EEG can help determine many conditions such as stroke, dementia, narcolepsy, seizures, tumors, and more.

Careers in Sterile Processing Consulting

If you have a meticulous attention to detail and thrive in an organized environment, sterile processing may be the career for you. The importance of having sterile, organized and available tools and equipment ready for the surgeon cannot be understated. Our consultants have extensive central sterile services experience in multiple specialties. We build on that with a commitment to ongoing and advanced training, education, and certification to ensure that hospitals have exceptional service in the sterile processing department and the departments it serves.

Careers in Autotransfusion

SpecialtyCare autotransfusion technicians play a very important role in the health and well-being of our patients. Autotransfusion, also called cell salvage, is the process of collecting shed blood, separating the red cells from the plasma, washing the red cells, and re-administering them to the patient. We run the equipment that purifies the patient’s blood and then returns the blood to the patient.

SpecialtyCare provides specialized training for autotransfusion technicians. We will train you to work in and around the operating room with specialized instruments and equipment. You will work with top clinicians on local teams across the country and develop specific expertise that allows you to provide autotransfusion for patients.

Careers in Surgical Assist

As a surgical assistant with SpecialtyCare, you will act as a first assistant or to the surgeon(s) during surgical procedures and perform complex surgical techniques as needed and directed by the physician. In this role you will work in various surgical specialties. Now is the time to be a surgical assistant while the field is growing at a large pace. In 2014, it was predicted the field will grow 31 percent through the year 2024.

Our certified surgical assistants are trusted members of the operating room team. Most of our surgical assistants do nothing but surgeries. They can even perform more cases each year than the surgeons we support. By focusing our attention on the complex needs of the surgeons and, in turn, our patients, members of the SpecialtyCare surgical assist team make surgery safer.

Careers in Minimally Invasive Surgical Support

By becoming a minimally invasive surgical support technician with SpecialtyCare, you will play an incredibly important role in the operating room by providing surgeons with the correct instruments that they need to perform procedures. You will learn how to assemble the surgical trays to each surgeon’s unique preference and make sure that each instrument meets our standards.
As with other service lines, SpecialtyCare provides specialized training for our MISS technicians. You will develop specific expertise that enables you to support hospital staff and maximize efficiencies in the operating room. By joining in on such a large number of surgeries and by working with world-class surgeons, we are the most experienced provider of outsourced clinical services in the industry.

Join SpecialtyCare

We continue to grow and we need driven, compassionate people to grow with us. We are the most experienced provider of outsourced clinical services in the industry, participating in over 400,000 surgeries each year in 45 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

SpecialtyCare serves more than 1,100 hospitals and support more than 13,500 surgeons. With a large pool of talent, we have the unique opportunity to offer a healthy work-life balance to our employees in a profession that comes with unpredictable schedules and emergency calls. We pride ourselves hiring the best. If you are ready to make a difference in healthcare and share our values and commitment to innovation in the operating room, please reach out to us today.

SpecialtyCare About You

At SpecialtyCare, we foster a healthy culture that educates, inspires, and empowers our people to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors.

We understand the value of great benefits as a significant part of the total compensation package and recognize that great offerings make a difference to our people, their families, and the life they lead outside of work. Our About You program integrates comprehensive health and wellness programs and services to support a healthy and productive workforce and personal development at SpecialtyCare.

Through About You, we provide resources, incentives, education, and opportunities to engage in your health, career, financial well-being, and more!

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