SpecialtyCare CARES

Support and development for future leaders in the medical field.

Funding Medical Missions and Scholarships

About SpecialtyCare CARES

We know that it’s not enough for an organization to simply state its values, so we are proud to live out our company values, Integrity, Care, Teamwork, and Improvement, each day. One of our company values, Care, means we strive to value others with our actions. We are passionate about making a difference in healthcare and we constantly work to create an environment that supports our teams, personally and professionally. We invest in our collective success.

As a leader in allied health, SpecialtyCare CARES about its partners, patients, and associates. It is our privilege to help support and develop future leaders in the medical field by funding medical missions and scholarships each year. Through this initiative, we strive to promote our sense of Community, Access, Responsibility, Education, and Service with a variety of opportunities.

Our Initiatives & Missions

Brown-Brukardt Perfusion Scholarship

As the largest perfusion provider in the industry, it is our privilege to help support and develop future leaders in clinical perfusion by funding perfusion education scholarships each year. These scholarships are awarded in honor of Jim Brown and Gary Brukardt, two men who helped evolve the practice of perfusion and establish the model for outsourced perfusion services that we use today.

IONM services from SpecialtyCare

IONM Medical Mission Fund

Children around the world with congenital spinal abnormalities, such as scoliosis, can suffer neurologic dysfunction and/or grow up with challenges walking and breathing. If they unfortunately live in a country that does not offer sophisticated or routine repairs, the impact may even shorten their lifespan. SC CARES was created to help address these medical concerns. In an effort to help you care for others, we hope to help you use your skills to provide for those that do not have access to surgical repair.

Perfusion services from SpecialtyCare

Perfusion Medical Mission Fund

AmSECT and the AmSECT Foundation, in partnership with SpecialtyCare, will provide an endowment to support perfusionists wishing to travel abroad for medical missions.

PENCIL Partners

An alliance of business leaders and local school administrators was created to provide new opportunities that promote achievement by young people enrolled in Nashville’s metro public schools. The Foundation’s PENCIL Partners program now includes more than 800 community-school partnerships that serve over 80,000 students. As a proud member of PENCIL Partners, SpecialtyCare regularly hosts students from Hillsboro High School’s Academy of Global Health & Science to introduce them to careers in the medical field.